3 Old Navy Dresses in 3 Styles


Old Navy is one of my favorite go-to clothing stores! Their clothes are always cute, current, and affordable. 

Another awesome thing is that their style is diverse that there’s something everyone will like! As a professional working woman, I can always count on Old Navy for fashionable office looks. Plus, their jeans make my butt look good ?

During a Summer sale, I snatched up these three beautiful dresses. I get SO many compliments every time I wear them! I’ve worn them to work, weddings, and date night! Old Navy’s dresses are comfortable and chic. I wanted to share my obsession with ya’ll!

Strappy Midi Dress

I was nervous about purchasing a midi dress because I am SO short but I love the length! The midi dress is the perfect mixture of casual and formal. You can dress it down or up!

I also decided to live a little and buy a shade that I would not normally wear. To this day, I still can’t decide whether it’s pink or orange…? Old Navy’s dresses come tons of different pretty colors and patterns! Just the various designs will make you happy.

However, these shoes are from Target and you can purchase them here.

Floral Shift Dress

No kidding… Shift dresses FILL my closet. In the morning, they are super easy to throw on and style before heading out the door. I look effortlessly put-together ?

I strongly believe that shift dresses look good on every body shape! Shift dresses hang from your shoulders (and will hide your bloated belly after you eat Bojangles for lunch….) so no matter who you are, you can totally rock one! 

Old Navy’s shift dresses are wonderfully soft and light! You’re sure to look flirty and feminine in this dress.

Fit & Flare Dress

Fit & Flare dress or Skater dress? What do you call it? Well, whatever you call it, I think we can all agree that it is adorable! (The glasses I’m wearing are cat-eye shades from Target.)

The dress hits right above my knee and hugs me in all the right places. I also love it because it keeps everything where it’s supposed to be up top… ?  I’m not a huge fan of low-cut necklines and Old Navy’s fashion is a great balance between fun and conservative. I am head over HEELS for these dresses!

You can rock Old Navy dresses no matter the season!



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  1. Anika Hunt

    So pretty, I love each one!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

    19 . Sep . 2017
  2. Annaliese

    Oh my gosh you did so well at Old Navy! Truth be told I’ve never found very much there, maybe I need to give it some more looks!

    xoxo A

    19 . Sep . 2017
  3. Casey

    Loving all three looks! Old Navy has great dresses!

    19 . Sep . 2017
  4. Paola

    Love the floral ones! Perfect in doing and summer, very elegant too, great choices!

    19 . Sep . 2017
  5. Paola

    Love the floral ones! Perfect for spring and summer, very elegant too, great choices!

    19 . Sep . 2017
  6. Beth

    These are all so cute! I can’t pick a favorite! I have always loved Old Navy’s dresses.

    19 . Sep . 2017
  7. Maggie Unzueta

    So pretty all of them. I think can pull each of these off. Lol.

    19 . Sep . 2017
  8. Simone Hjulmand

    Such lovely dresses!


    19 . Sep . 2017
  9. Teri

    I think the blue is my favourite but all three are beautiful.
    Teri | http://www.rhymingmum.com

    19 . Sep . 2017
  10. nicholle demag

    I just picked up some dresses there the other day! So cute!

    19 . Sep . 2017
  11. Chloe

    Gorgeous dresses! I LOVE the floral prints on these! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/adventuring-in-seoul-south-korea/

    19 . Sep . 2017
  12. Jenny

    Loving all of these dresses on you! Old Navy has some of the cutest stuff.

    19 . Sep . 2017
  13. McKenna Bleu

    These dresses are gorg! Thanks for sharing!

    19 . Sep . 2017
  14. Kuleigh

    Great dresses! I’m excited for fall to mix and match florals with leggings and boots!

    19 . Sep . 2017
  15. SometimeSaturday

    Old Navy always has such great deals! I haven’t been in a while but I need to swing by!

    19 . Sep . 2017
  16. Akaleistar

    Those Old Navy dresses are so pretty!

    19 . Sep . 2017
  17. ShootingStarsMag

    I love the fit and flare style!


    20 . Sep . 2017
  18. Amanda

    These dresses are so cute! I love the second dress.

    20 . Sep . 2017
  19. Shybiker

    These dresses look great on you. And Old Navy’s prices are surprisingly low.

    20 . Sep . 2017
  20. Maegan Clark

    Love these picks! Old Navy can really surprise me lately with cute options!

    20 . Sep . 2017
  21. Cait Weingartner

    These are such cute dresses! Old Navy has some amazing outfits at the best prices!

    20 . Sep . 2017
  22. Cia Black

    I like looking at fashion blogs, but the majority of the time they showcase clothing way out of my price point. It refreshing to see one has affordable clothing. I really like the second, Navy blue and floral print on top. Something that could be dressed up and down.

    20 . Sep . 2017
  23. Joanna

    I don’t think I have ever shopped at Old Navy. I like that they focus on color for their dresses, which is a big plus. My favorite has to be the white dress, I think it’s perfect for a happy summer day.

    20 . Sep . 2017
  24. white

    I love navy dresses, they seem to fit at any occasions, few accessory your good to go. Which one is your favorite?

    20 . Sep . 2017
  25. Shell

    Oh my gosh I absolutely love these adorable dresses!!! Super cute!!!! I’ve never been to Old Navy but now I definitely will give them a visit! There’s even an Old Navy Outlet not far from me!

    20 . Sep . 2017
  26. Ashley

    Old Navy is seriously my go-to! I love all the dresses you got, perfect for fall still!

    20 . Sep . 2017
  27. Sue Tanya McHorgh

    I love old navy and these dresses are really cute. I love that these dresses are affordable and can be dressed up or dressed down.

    20 . Sep . 2017
  28. Kristine

    Each of these dresses are super cute. I definitely could see them transitioning well into fall with jackets and booties!

    20 . Sep . 2017
  29. Megan |Ginger Mom & the Kindle Quest

    I love the pink dress the best. Absolutely gorgeous! I, however am a redhead and very pale…not certain I could pull it off lol.

    20 . Sep . 2017
  30. Courtney Blacher

    All of them are super cute, but I prefer the last one! It’s so pretty, and looks great on you.

    20 . Sep . 2017
  31. Reese Alvarado

    Old Navy has great dresses. I like all of these three, they look so good on you. Thank you for sharing!

    20 . Sep . 2017
  32. Katie

    So pretty! I love the blue floral dress the most. You could pair these with a cardigan and scarf as gorgeous fall outfits too!

    20 . Sep . 2017
  33. Nina

    Oh my gosh I love all things dresses! Old Navy is the perfect place to find a few good deals. I really love that pink one!

    20 . Sep . 2017
  34. Oyinkan

    I forgot about old navy. I haven’t shopped there since college lol I used to get their slippers.

    21 . Sep . 2017
  35. Nicole F

    I love those dresses! I love old navy dresses. You look great!

    21 . Sep . 2017
  36. Elena

    These dresses are so pretty. I love floral dresses and I have so many 🙂

    21 . Sep . 2017
  37. Aditi

    Agree! You certainly rock these dresses and make them look like a million bucks!

    22 . Sep . 2017
  38. Amy Dong

    They’re all so pretty! I especially love the bold colors and floral patterns. So perfect for an easy-wear day out on the town 🙂

    22 . Sep . 2017
  39. Kait Around The Kingdom

    I love all of these dresses! But I think the last of my fave!

    23 . Sep . 2017
  40. Tiffany Yong

    The white floral stands out the most even thought I like the pink dress~ I will hope to try the last one because it looks really cheerful~

    27 . Sep . 2017

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