9 Must Reads in Your Twenties


One of my goals for 2017 is to read seventeen books. As a self-proclaimed introvert, I have always loved reading. Unfortunately, with growing up and trying to balance a full-time job with numerous other responsibilities, it’s hard to find time to curl up with a good book anymore. Over the last couple of years, I’ve read numerous publications that really resonated with me and brought insight on some of the current situations I was in. When I was anxious about graduating college, upset after a messy break-up, and nervous to move out of my parent’s house, the words in these following books helped me find the confidence and insight I needed to move on.

  • Difficult Women


Roxane Gay is my all-time favorite feminist author. In “Difficult Women”, Gay tells the tales of multiple women. “The women in these stories live lives of privilege and of poverty, are in marriages both loving and haunted by past crimes or emotional blackmail. From a pair of sisters, grown now, have been inseparable ever since they were abducted together as children and must negotiate the elder sister’s marriage to a woman married to a twin pretending not to realize when her husband and his brother impersonate each other.”  Etc. (Grove Atlantic.) Gay gives a voice to the strangers living around us and reminds us that each person has an unforgettable story. Also, exhibiting just how strong and utterly amazing women are.


  • Girl Boss


Sophia Amoruso, Founder, and CEO of NastyGal, is an inspiring and motivational woman. “#Girlboss” is the story of Amoruso’s upbringing and how she got to where she is today. Life isn’t always easy —but you can’t let that stop you. This book encourages young women to follow their dreams and to never give up. Amoruso is proof that “you can be a huge success without giving up your spirit of adventure or distinctive style.” In “#Girlboss”, Amoruso offers great advice, motivational words, and a bunch of laughs.


  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?


Have you ever wondered how successful people get to where they are now? Mindy Kaling was once a timid, chubby child but after years of hard work, perseverance, and passion, she’s the Mindy Kaling we all know and love today. “Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?” is a collection of Kaling’s thoughts. The one’s we all have. “Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me?” remind us… we’re not so crazy after all!


  • Nice is Just a Place in France


I was wandering around Barnes & Noble when I stumbled across this title. I have always been the nice girl, yet something about this book interested me. The Betches won over my heart. “Nice is Just a Place in France” is all about being confident, going after what you want, and finding happiness your own way.


  • Yes Please!


Amy Poehler teaches young women that Yes please! are the words to live by. In Poehler’s first book, we learn more about her personal life, career path, and insecurities. Amy weighs in on sex, love, friendship, and parenthood (as well as many other things). Amy Poehler is a hysterically funny lady and “Yes Please!” was a joy to read.


  • Le Petit Prince


Being an adult is hard but “Le Petit Prince” reminds us there is a difference between growing up and getting old. “The Little Prince” was a childhood favorite of mine but has resonated with me more as I aged. The book is filled with exciting adventures, various characters, and numerous lessons. When you feel like life is getting a little too routine and serious, it’s time to open up “The Little Prince”.


  • Wild


You may have to deal with loss and confusion in your 20’s. “Wild” is a great book to help you get through. After the death of her mother and dissolution of her marriage, Cheryl decides to take the journey of a lifetime. “Wild” will spark the adventure and hope inside of you. Whatever you may need -resolution, peace, insight- you can find it in the wild. Take a hike.


  • He’s Just Not That Into You


You may have seen the movie, but Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo’s book is a miraculous and unique “self-help” guide. Are you getting tired of your strange aunt asking you why you’re still single every family dinner? “He’s Just Not That Into You” is aimed at single women who just aren’t getting it. The book is very straightforward and funny. Even if you’re happily taken, it’s still a great read! So check it out… or keep trying tinder.  


  • Sweetbitter


“Sweetbitter” is a sort of coming-of-age story. We meet Tess, a young woman who has left her small town to move to New York. You’ll laugh at how much you identify with Tess. She can be quirky, brilliant, and sometimes a little lost. “Sweetbitter is a story of discovery, enchantment, and the power of what remains after disillusionment”. (Goodreads.)


  1. Jenna Urben

    I love the Betch Slapped podcast so I’ve been really wanting to read Nice is Just a Place in France! I’m glad you enjoy it.

    10 . Apr . 2017
  2. Kit Stanwood

    Ohh I wanna read the Yes please by Amy, he’s just not that into you (because I still haven’t gotten it figured out ugh!) and the is everyone hanging out without me. These sound all awesome! Pinning this for others to come across (:

    10 . Apr . 2017
  3. Audrey Knizek

    Yes Please is one of my all time favorite books! I’m bookmarking your post so I’ll remember to check some of these books out 🙂

    10 . Apr . 2017
  4. Lauren Becker

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve only read Yes Please! so far but I’m really curious about some of the others, especially Girl Boss.


    11 . Apr . 2017
  5. Liz

    Such a great list! I’ve been wanting to read most of these!

    11 . Apr . 2017
  6. Greta

    I’m curious about Girl Boss, too! I’m going to check it out.

    – Greta

    11 . Apr . 2017
  7. Cassidy's Adventures

    I’m looking for some really nice books to read this summer, since I will have graduated from Uni and will have a bit more time to improve myself. These looks great! Can’t wait to read them.

    11 . Apr . 2017
  8. Rubi Mancilla

    Bookmarking this now! I hate how little I read nowadays but I’ve been taking steps to read on the train or just get the audiobook at the very least.
    xx Rubi | http://www.whenlifegivesyourubi.com

    11 . Apr . 2017
  9. Emily

    Such a great list, perfect for those poolside lazy Sunday afternoons! Thanks for sharing.

    11 . Apr . 2017
  10. Trish @ The Trish List

    I have so many of these on my TBR list. I am now in my 30’s and still need to get them read! Great list!


    11 . Apr . 2017
  11. Alyssa San Agustin

    Ahhh I have so many books I still need to read but these are all definitely on my list now!

    11 . Apr . 2017
  12. Victoria

    Great list of books! I have watched the film He’s just not that into you, but am intrigued about the book! In fact I’ve not come across the others so adding them to my reading list! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    11 . Apr . 2017
  13. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

    I’ve read Girlboss before and really liked it but I’ve never read an of these other suggestions. I think there can be something learn from all of these books at any age!

    12 . Apr . 2017
  14. Shannon

    So, I didn’t read any of these in my 20’s but they all sound like great reads! #GirlBoss is on my list and that Amy Poehler’s book sounds like something I would enjoy – I love her!

    12 . Apr . 2017
  15. Andrea Broom

    I’m still in my 20s so I am still able to read these 🙂 I already read GirlBoss! Best book ever 🙂

    12 . Apr . 2017
  16. jessica

    Thank you for your recommendation! I was looking for some good books to read.

    xoxo J

    14 . Apr . 2017
  17. Brittany

    He’s just not that into you was literally life changing. And so was Wild, but for very different reasons. I still have to read Yes, Please!

    18 . Apr . 2017

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