Are Eyelash Extensions Worth it?


I’m always up for trying new things and eyelash extensions intrigued me! I work in television and the idea of having beautiful lashes without wearing falsies for shoots sounded wonderful. Perhaps… too good to be true. I live close to Amazing Lash Studio so I booked an appointment for Saturday morning. I met with my ‘lash stylist’, picked the perfect length and thickness for me, and laid still for 2 hours while she worked her magic. I bought some of their special makeup remover and eyeliner because I wanted to take good care of my new look. So, all together, I spent about 150 dollars…

I do not regret trying it, but I will not be getting eyelash extensions again. In my opinion, the cons surpass the pros and it certainly isn’t worth the price tag and maintenance.

However, eyelash extensions may be exactly what someone else is looking for. Find out if eyelash extensions for you.

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are used to enhance your natural look. Eyelash extensions can help create length, fullness, and thickness. Synthetic (or human hair) lashes are then applied one by one using a specially formulated glue. Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and will not damage your natural lashes.

What can I expect from my first appointment?

Applying a full set of new lashes can take anywhere from 90 to 180 minutes. The application is painless… and they often say it’s relaxing. However, it wasn’t relaxing for me —I was anxious and cold the whole time. Your esthetician will discuss the best style of lashes for you then apply eye pads and tape your eyes shut to apply the adhesive. 


Waking up fabulous: I love sleeping in so eyelash extensions were perfect for getting the maximum amount of shut eye before work. Instead of taking 20 minutes to apply makeup, my eyes were already finished! I’d just run some foundation over my T-zone and ta-da! 

Not buying mascara: Because you don’t need to apply makeup… you don’t need to buy makeup!

Make your eyes pop: After my appointment, I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror and taking selfies. I just adored the way my eyes looked! Eyelash extensions bring more attention to your eyes and can make you feel more confident.

No dark circles: No matter how much makeup I take off with remover before going to bed, I wake up with mascara and eyeliner under my eyes. Or if I rub my eyes at any point during the day… I look like I’m trying to bring back emo ?  Eyelash extensions were a nice break from that! My lashes didn’t feel as heavy. Instead, they felt clean and healthy.



Spider legsEyelash extensions fall out naturally, meaning they don’t fall out all at once. Which can leave your lashes looking funny. Spider legs are not a good look and you’re stuck with them until your next fill-in.

Expensive: Each session is around 79.99. Plus, you’re told to buy ‘special’ products alongside to keep them looking good!

High-Maintainance: It was WAYYY too much for me! After getting your lashes applied, you are not allowed to get them wet for 48 hours. That means no showers or much physical activity (sweat). You are supposed to wash and brush your lashes every day, as well as avoid rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your stomach.

Doesn’t last long: Amazing Lash Studios says lashes will usually last around six to eight weeks but suggest coming every three to four weeks. However, after only one week my lashes are almost all gone. But perhaps my esthetician applied them wrong and they do last? 

The long process: The application process takes forever and I did not find it relaxing at all! Sessions can be anywhere from 60 mins to two hours. It’s difficult to find the time to keep up!


What do you think? Have you ever tried eyelash extensions?

Or are you planning on getting them done?

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  1. Taylor

    I’m so glad you have posted this! I have to say, I won’t be trying them any time soon. They seem crazy expensive for what they are. They do look fantastic don’t get me wrong, but it sounds like you spend less time putting mascara on without the extensions than maintaining the extensions! Thanks so much for the post 🙂


    27 . Sep . 2017
  2. Beth

    I have been curious about this so I’m glad you shared about it! I’m not sure if I’d try it or not but it’s definitely interesting!

    27 . Sep . 2017
  3. Katie

    I’ve never tried them and truthfully, I don’t really feel the need. I’d rather just find a good mascara and deal with putting it on and taking it off every day. haha

    27 . Sep . 2017
  4. ShootingStarsMag

    Never gotten them and never will. I don’t really even wear mascara much, but I’m trying to do a little more makeup here and there. I think the cons would definitely outweigh the pros for me!


    27 . Sep . 2017
  5. Cia Black

    This is a real thing….Interesting and I was just learning about the eyebrow thing. What’s it called, microblading ? I think. I couldn’t imagine adding extensions to my eyelashes, it would never work for me. I think I’ll stick to just Mascara, I can’t imagine sitting for almost 2 hours for that.

    27 . Sep . 2017
  6. Annaliese

    Such a helpful post! I love the look of extensions and have thought about having them done but I’m not sure I have the patience for upkeep haha!

    xoxo A

    27 . Sep . 2017
  7. Ithfifi

    I love your post and I whole heartedly hate the cons you’ve mentioned, I’m not really a fan of spider legs or morning panda eyes! It sounds good but I wouldn’t be able to afford the up keep it requires.

    27 . Sep . 2017
  8. Kelly

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve always been curious about eyelash extensions and if they were ever worth it! I’d love to have it done whenever I get married so I look extra fab 🙂

    27 . Sep . 2017
  9. Lily

    I really wanted to get them when they hype was all over the internet but…I think it’s way to expensive for something that won’t last long. And thankfully, I have pretty good lashes to begin with.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    27 . Sep . 2017
  10. Laila

    My mom recently tried eyelash extensions for a wedding and she loved them! I think you highlight some really good pros and cons in this post! I would definitely try them out for myself!

    27 . Sep . 2017
  11. Shybiker

    Thanks for the report. I’ve toyed with the idea because, as we age, our lashes thin out but the results friends of mine had mirror yours. Oh well…

    27 . Sep . 2017
  12. Liz

    I’ve never tried eyelash extensions because mine are already decently long, but they can certainly be a dramatic style!

    27 . Sep . 2017
  13. McKenna Bleu

    I loved having extensions but I eventually developed a. Allergy to the glue so had to stop getting them. 🙁

    27 . Sep . 2017
  14. Jasmine Vargas

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about eyelash extensions which is why I haven’t gotten them done. I am planning to get them done when I go on my cruise next spring. Since I only need them on for a week lol

    28 . Sep . 2017
  15. Jenny

    They look so pretty but the upkeep and expense is too much for me haha.

    28 . Sep . 2017
  16. Sam @ The Haunted Housewife

    Thank you for your honest review! I’ve been wondering about this. It IS crazy expensive, especially if they don’t last. Yikes!

    28 . Sep . 2017
  17. Anna

    Thanks for your transparency with this! I’ve been kind of wondering if they were worth it and this answered my question. High maintenance? Not for me!

    28 . Sep . 2017
  18. Patricia @ Grab a Plate

    Wow – thanks for your insight! The pros sound FAB but the cons…especially the “high maintenance” part…not so much. Maybe once in a while or for a special occasion!

    28 . Sep . 2017
  19. Melissa

    I have always wanted to try them. But so disappointing that they don’t last long! I might try them one day when I have the money.

    xx, Melissa

    28 . Sep . 2017
  20. Cait Weingartner

    I agree with you 100%. Too time consuming, expensive, and high maintenance for me. I’ll stick with mascara and false lashes for special occasions.

    28 . Sep . 2017
  21. kristal

    I have always been curious about eyelashes extension. I have wanted to get them but never did I am rethinking the idea.

    28 . Sep . 2017
  22. Sue Tanya McHorgh

    I have tried eyelash extensions before. It’s a little to high maintenance for me so i never really got them again. I will just stick to my mascara.

    28 . Sep . 2017
  23. Robin @ And Then We Tried

    Definitely seems like a fun splurge for a big occasion but too much for the day-to-day. Thanks for posting, I’ve always wondered what they would be like!

    28 . Sep . 2017
  24. Chelsea Pearl

    I got lash extensions once, and I totally agree with your sentiments. They are great for before the holidays or a special occasion, but far to expensive and high maintenance to upkeep the rest of the year!

    28 . Sep . 2017
  25. Ritika

    Oh my goodness….eyelash extensions totally terrify me. Your description of it reminds me of the dentist! I won’t be trying it anytime soon, but I may get over my fear for a special occasion!

    28 . Sep . 2017
  26. Alix Maza

    I’m totally with you! I don’t regret getting them ONCE, but I’ll probably NEVER get them again.

    28 . Sep . 2017
  27. Sara Laughed

    I’ve had an eyelash lift and tint, which involves taping down the lashes too, and I also found it really anxiety-producing! But the results were to die for. I might be back and even try extensions; I just worry about the cost!

    28 . Sep . 2017
  28. Lauren

    I personally love them and mine lasted about 3 weeks, although I do agree with the cons! They can be so needy and last for such a little amount of time!


    29 . Sep . 2017
  29. Joanna

    I never had eyelash extensions and never really thought about getting any. My eyes are very sensitive and I barely stand 5 minutes for the cosmetician to do my eyebrows. I don’t think I will be able to stand 2 hours, even if it’s painless.

    29 . Sep . 2017
  30. Katie

    Sounds like fun to try but yea, applying mascara isn’t a big deal either!

    30 . Sep . 2017
  31. Linda

    I have tried eyelash extensions and I agree with all the pros and cons. I would definitely not wearing eyelash extensions on a regular basis but sometimes when I travel to tropical destination for a week or more, I find it very useful! Taking care of them is not such pain in the ass because I look good without using any make up during my trip. I did the extensions in Latvia, Europe and the price wasn’t that high! It’s very expensive where you are

    30 . Sep . 2017
  32. Silvia

    I had them done and wasn’t really a fan. Super high maintenance.

    01 . Oct . 2017
  33. Jennifer

    I love eyelash extensions for special events but I agree that it’s not worth the cost of maintenance to wear them all year long.

    Jennifer Ashley |

    02 . Oct . 2017
  34. Chei

    Nice to have read about your post. I’ve been so curious about it for quite some time. I wanna have it on my eyes too, but the fear of doing it, dang!

    02 . Oct . 2017
  35. Deborah

    While they look totally fabulous, I don’t think they’re for me. For the price you pay, I would expect it to last much longer than that and the maintenance sounds too much. Such a shame because they really do look amazing!

    03 . Oct . 2017
  36. PJ

    Thanks so much for this very honest review. I’ve seen people with extensions and I love the look. However, the idea of lying motionless for, I don’t know how long, with someone fiddling with items by my eyes, really makes me feel nervous. I don’t think they’re for me. I’m too squeamish.

    04 . Oct . 2017
  37. Luci

    My aunt gets lash extensions and that she likes them but I would probably not get them because of the maintenance and the price of them.

    04 . Oct . 2017
  38. Elizabeth O

    I’ve never tried eyelash extension because of its expensive. I’ve seen others that wearing eyelash extension and it looks so beautiful. They don’t need to put mascara to pop up their lashes. It looks so natural.

    06 . Oct . 2017

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