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What Should You Look For in a Skin Cream


The following post is a guest post from Dr. Ruth Hillelson’s office.What Should I Look For in a Skin Cream?With so many skin creams with claims for younger looking skin and skin-repairing formulas that it is difficult to know which ones you can trust. After all, which products really work? Are the products difficult to announce still bad for your skin?Why Skin Cream Is Important…

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth it?


I’m always up for trying new things and eyelash extensions intrigued me! I work in television and the idea of having beautiful lashes without wearing falsies for shoots sounded wonderful. Perhaps… too good to be true. I live close to Amazing Lash Studio so I booked an appointment for Saturday morning. I met with my ‘lash stylist’, picked the perfect length and thickness for me, and laid still for…

How to Exfoliate Your Skin (and Why It’s So Important)


The following post is a guest post from the talented Amy Mia, contributor at!You must have heard about exfoliating by now, and if you don’t know much about it, the whole thing sounds kind of scary. You do what? Strip away a layer of your skin? God, why? How? Do you use sandpaper? Is this just another unsafe beauty “hack” that hasn’t been properly tested…

Unboxing Influenster’s Splash Box


Mike n Ike’s Sour-licious ZoursI’ve got a major sweet tooth and was super excited to break into Mike and Ike’s Sour-licious Zours! They were SO good that I wasn’t able to put them down… I ate the whole bag in one sitting. If you love sour candy, you’ll definitely want to pick some up. With five deliciously sour flavors and an intensely…

A-List Inspiration: The No-Makeup Look


In the sea of artistic makeup trends we’ve seen on this year’s runways, from electric and eclectic as well as pastel eyes rocked in Milan, to the imperfectly perfect smudged eyeliner in Paris, it has never been more difficult to embrace (and master) a particular makeup trend. Still, shows such as Chloe and Michael Kors have reaffirmed my love of the natural no-makeup look. Seeing Gigi and…

Friday Favorites: e.l.f. Cosmetics


I have LOVED e.l.f. brand makeup for years. e.l.f. makes great products that are affordable and easy to apply. Lucky me: they just opened up an e.l.f. store right around the corner from my home so I had to go check it out. I was able to leave the store with a full bag… without breaking the bank! e.l.f. helps me achieve…