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The keys to being a successful femtrepreneur


Earlier this year, I read #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso for some feminine inspiration. In case you don’t know who Sophia Amoruso is, Amoruso is an American businesswoman who started the multi-million dollar fashion company, Nasty Gal, at age 23 from her laptop. After trying her hand at multiple jobs but not finding much luck, she decided to make her own. I’m currently 23 and I’ll be…

The Best Tools for Blogging Full-time


Since starting a year ago, I’ve learned first-hand that blogging is a full-time career that takes a lot of effort and you need the right tools to succeed. Without these following tools, I would be drowning in work. These tools are a great way to organize and maintain a successful business. They are creative tools, organization tools, or social media tools. Stay on top of your blogging…

Staying Organized with Erin Condren


I love all things organization and productivity! For Christmas, I used to ask Santa to bring me school supplies —pens, notebooks, and folders got me hyped! I’ve kept a planner since I was a freshman in high school and I largely credit them for helping me keep my shit together. Now that I’m in the workforce I’ve decided to step up my organization game. Besides blogging, I…

5 Things You Need In Every Blog Post


Every time you hit publish, you should be confident in the post you are sending out into the world. While it’s unlikely EVERY article of yours goes viral, there are steps you can take to produce a post people will want to read!! Your post should be visually pleasing, easy to read, and SEO-friendly for the highest quality.Blogging isn’t simple. Most posts I write go through…

Tag You’re It!


OK, I’ll admit it… I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Nicole from Relatable Red! She is just so relatable. Nicole tagged me to answer these 11 fun questions! You can check out her answers here. I love this tag game because it promotes women supporting women and female friendships! Yay feminism! Now I’m answering the 11 questions she came up with.So how does the game work…

Blogging Tips from 7 Girlboss Entrepreneurs


I love celebrating women and their accomplishments! Quoting Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Females are strong as hell.” ?Women have taken the blogging world by storm. Which is awesome. We have worked hard and intelligently to get to where we are! There are multiple awesome, successful female bloggers who I’m thankful to call friends. As a blogger, it’s important to build relationships with other bloggers and support each other. We…

6 Changes You Should Make to Maintain a Healthier Work/Life Balance


Are you often left feeling drained or stressed at the end of the work day? You’re not alone.By the time I get home at six o’ clock, I’m too tired to cook a proper meal for myself, clean the apartment, or take Kona to the dog park. I lay awake at night and think about all the tasks I have to complete tomorrow. However, this isn’t…

The Beginners Guide to Writing a Book


The following post is a guest post from the talented, Manik Ghawri, the co-founder of Vowelor. Vowelor is a global online platform to share Books, showcase your stories, discuss live on books, meet fellow writers & readers and much more.  Being a writer is not an easy thing. You have to satisfy the expectations of your readers and feed them with the best story, and if you fail…

Secrets to Increasing your Instagram Following


In college, I mostly used Instagram as a social app to share photos of my weekend escapades. Little did I know that Instagram is actually a huge tool for businesses to help grow their audience. Instagram can offer a visual aspect to your brand, build a more personal relationship with followers, and allows you to engage with your demographic. I’ve gained 1000+ Instagram followers in six months since starting…