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Why He’s Just Not That Into You and That’s OK


This post is definitely different from what I typically write about. My blog focuses on lifestyle, travel, fashion and beauty but I’ve always been interesting in dipping into the category of love and relationships. When I was younger, I watched Sex and The City religiously and I loved Carrie’s Bradshaw life. An independent, fashionable woman who found support in other women and built an empire writing about her…

The Pros and Cons of Greek Life


I never thought I would be the sorority girl “type”. Before college, all I really knew about sororities was the image movies portrayed of them —tons of parties, dumb blondes, hazing. I wasn’t really interested in Greek life.Then, my sophomore year of college all the girls in my dorm signed up for recruitment. I still didn’t expect much but I wrote my name down as a pledge…

23 Things I’m Grateful For


Twenty-two was an interesting year. This past year, I’ve been thrust into adulthood and somehow have managed to stay afloat. In fact, better than afloat. I have also grown in my career, made awesome friends, and had a number of spectacular opportunities. Twenty-two was my selfish year. I’d worked hard my whole life and deserved to put myself first. I am proud of all I’ve…

Tag You’re It!


OK, I’ll admit it… I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Nicole from Relatable Red! She is just so relatable. Nicole tagged me to answer these 11 fun questions! You can check out her answers here. I love this tag game because it promotes women supporting women and female friendships! Yay feminism! Now I’m answering the 11 questions she came up with.So how does the game work…

Prepping for Bridal Season


My sister recently got engaged and I couldn’t be happier for her! My sister is only a couple years older than me and she has always been by my side (even when making fun of me). So, it’s bittersweet to watch her go. However, her fiancé is awesome and they are absolutely in love. Plus, I’m super excited to have a brother ?I’m at the time…

Why You Should Get Rid of The Toxic People in Your Life


When I was younger, I was a magnet for toxic guys –drug problems, anger problems, cheating problems, commitment problems, etc. I brought them into my life and thought I could change them. Wasn’t there something romantic about fighting for love? So, I bounced out of one unhealthy relationship to the next.I was such a vibrant, happy young woman. They saw that and fed on my personality. Eventually, my…