“I want to work with you to create the best possible promotional campaign for your brand! Your success is my success.”

Carly Delski | Journalist for WLFL | Creative Director for SYBL | Digital Influencer at The Carly Collective


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Build Your Brand (70$) I will walk with you step by step and create a website customized to your brand’s needs! I will also set you up with all the tools you need to succeed. At the end of the process, I’ll send you off with three promotional shares and a sidebar ad. 

Marketing Campaign (50$)– A 600+ word sponsored post with six social shares across my social platforms. As well as a photo shoot of your product for you to use. 

Consultation (15$)– Want to discuss how you can make your site better? Would you like to pick my brain? Let’s have a 60-minute consultation over video chat.


Guest Posts:

Interested in having a guest post on The Carly Collective or collaborations? I love working with other bloggers! Reach out to me and drop a line.


Contact me:

Email: carlydelski@gmail.com

Cell: 856-366-0050


Please email me to discuss my rates (rates are negotiable), and what I can do for you. I’d be happy to share my media kit and any other necessary information.