Blogging Tips from 7 Girlboss Entrepreneurs


I love celebrating women and their accomplishments! Quoting Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: “Females are strong as hell.” ?

Women have taken the blogging world by storm. Which is awesome. We have worked hard and intelligently to get to where we are! There are multiple awesome, successful female bloggers who I’m thankful to call friends. 

As a blogger, it’s important to build relationships with other bloggers and support each other. We should build and learn from their achievements! 

These 7 female entrepreneurs offered their advice for new bloggers:

Hannah Kaup at Honeyandbetts

Growing your social media following and blog readership is harder than it used to be, but keeping your numbers authentic and not dabbling in buying likes and followers are key to your success. PR firms and brands can tell when you’ve bought them because your engagement will be off the charts compared to authentic bloggers. So stay strong! Being authentic pays off.



Natalie Kurtzman at The Boston Day Book and Wishful Nals

Blogging is such a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, try something new, and it may lead you in a whole new career or personal direction. My advice would be to just start. It’s easy to want to find the perfect name, best domain, and craft the most beautiful logo and design. In my experience, all of that is great, but it can take a long time to be 100% satisfied, and you’ll learn so much about what you want (and don’t want!) in the process. Just start, and see where it takes you. There’s always time to hone the design or your focus. 



Genie at

My advice would be to never underestimate yourself and aim high! I used to be so scared to reach out to bigger brands, bigger bloggers, etc. But then I finally gathered up the courage to send out a couple emails and go to some coffee meetings. Although, I did get a lot of rejections (which we all will, its okay!) I also got a good amount of positive responses, projects, and collaborations as well! Don’t waste your time waiting around for someone to discover you. You have to put yourself in front of them.


Nicole Rose Balsamo at

It took me some time to realize it, but in blogging, you’re truly never alone. There are countless other bloggers going through the same thing you’re going through, ready to celebrate your successes with you, and also relate to all of your frustrations. The blogging community is an incredible one, and one that should not be taken for granted. Reach out to others, give genuine compliments, and form your own support system, because it makes every day of blogging that much more worth it. I’ve gained such amazing real life friends from blogging, and I never stop looking for more.


Jasmine at

Advice for new bloggers; pick a great hosting provider & domain, have a clean bright layout, make sure you take your time with editing your photos and lastly be you! Write the things you want to write about not what others expect you to write. Don’t focus on the numbers. It takes time to grow. 


Greta at

My advice would be to find a group of bloggers in your city or online. I live in Nashville, and the blogging community here is so supportive and tight knit. We celebrate each other on our accomplishments and it’s great having a group there to ask questions and help you figure out the blogging world! 


Jenny at Breakfast at Lilly’s & Confetti Social

My biggest piece of advice to new bloggers is to not get overwhelmed with consuming too much content. Nowadays there is so much content on starting a successful blog, which is great, but a lot of new bloggers read all of these posts on starting a blog and see these more experienced bloggers telling them all the things they need to start implementing on their blogs immediately. This can be extremely overwhelming and even deter a new blogger from continuing to blog because they don’t think they will ever be able to keep up with it all.

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  1. bridget

    Thanks for the tips, I love your photos! It looks like you’re actually having fun haha

    19 . Jul . 2017
  2. Deborah Francisco

    These are great tips! I am realizing just how much work it takes to develop followers but then knowing I have a whole community of bloggers who are right there in the trenches with me is good to have. Thanks for the inspiration!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  3. Randi

    I love the tip about not getting too consumed with other people’s content! When I first got started, I read all the articles there were — then I realized that I needed to actually start writing to get my blog off the ground! Thanks for all the tips!

    Randi — 🙂

    19 . Jul . 2017
  4. Austen

    I definitely find that authenticity pays off! That and keeping expectations realistic. Great post!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  5. Linda Luke

    These are all great tips. Every single one was a reminder for me of the best practices I want to use for my blog. You picked a good group of bloggers to invite onto this post.

    19 . Jul . 2017
  6. Lanae Bond

    Awesome advice and tips from great bloggers. I know that being authentic is the greatest tip because it builds trust.

    19 . Jul . 2017
  7. Joan Cajic

    Thank you for the tips, really helpful.

    19 . Jul . 2017
  8. Charlotte


    Such incredible advice here.

    Also I work with an influencer marketing agency and the point bout engagement is SO TRUE. I understand it can be tempting to buy followers when you’re just starting out (and believe me, I see it all the time!) but doing so is the worst thing any blogger can do. Because all of that content looks inauthentic, and as though you’re “talking to” your audience, rather than engaging with.

    And Jenny is right–there is a LOT of content out there but subscribing to everyone’s success stories doesn’t make YOUR voice stand out.

    Great insight here!! XOXO

    19 . Jul . 2017
  9. Michelle @ And Then We Tried

    We have been getting a little discouraged with all the HUGE instagram accounts out there. But we’re keeping it honest and not buying any followers. Great to read this advice today!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  10. Holly

    These are all great tips! Love reading advice from other bloggers and hearing what’s worked for them!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  11. Haneef

    I love roundup posts like these because it really helps put things in perspective and keeps me motivated! It’s also encouraging because those sharing the story appear as real authentic people hat share some of the same things as us! These tips are definitely helpful!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  12. Corey | The Nostalgia Diaries

    All of this is such great advice. I’m still a newbie, but I’ve found that just following my heart has helped me not only feel successful, but be successful as well!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  13. Marissa

    I love these tips, especially the importance of reaching out to other bloggers… it can feel scary, but almost all the bloggers I’ve reached out to have been so amazingly nice and friendly.

    19 . Jul . 2017
  14. Michael @ Super Millennial

    Great advice! One of mine is to network with other bloggers, I’ve found so much success networking and collaborating with other bloggers!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  15. Rachel Ritlop

    great tips! I agree with Jenny, limit oopc!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  16. The Hally Heart

    I think it’s amazing that you were able to round these women up! Really inspiring to other girl bosses! Amazing content, I know so many can benefit from this thread!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  17. Lecy | A Simpler Grace

    This is such a great post! I love the idea of reaching out to other bloggers for their tips and tricks!

    20 . Jul . 2017
  18. Vicki @ Babies to Bookworms

    This is all such great advice! It is so overwhelming trying to grow a following, and their positivity helps!

    20 . Jul . 2017
  19. Jessica sheppard

    So admire each of these woman. Such great tips for staying with it and focused on the goal. Wonderful inspo to watch others and learn from their personal experience. Thanks for sharing these outstanding ladies journeys with us!

    20 . Jul . 2017
  20. Melissa

    This are awesome tips! I agree with Natalie! Just go for it and don’t overthink. It won’t 100% perfect at first.

    20 . Jul . 2017
  21. Erica @ Coming Up Roses

    I’m sitting here like yup, yup, aaaand YUP! All true advice, across the board! And too much content consumption DEF does more harm than good. Consume a bit to get inspired, but then CREATE!

    Coming Up Roses

    20 . Jul . 2017
  22. Joscelyn

    What an awesome post! Really loved reading through all of these tips…super encouraging!

    20 . Jul . 2017
  23. Sami | The Classic Brunette

    I love all of these bloggers! Their advice is so spot on as well, great post!

    The Classic Brunette

    24 . Jul . 2017
  24. Amanda Faber

    I need to check these ladies out!! And great advice! I’m new to the blogging world so I love reading, any and all advice!

    02 . Aug . 2017

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