January’s Collective Chat


I’ve been kind of MIA for the past month and struggling to get a grasp on reality! In the beginning of the year, I took a cruise with some of my best friends and came to a lot of realizations about my life… bad AND good! But the good news is that the start of a new year is the perfect time for making life changes. I’ve been focusing on myself while also giving myself time to heal and grow. I want to be honest with my friends and readers, sometimes we have lows. However, we can’t have the highs without the lows!

I’m ready to come back stronger than before. I’m more motivated, optimistic, and inspired to reach The Carly Collective‘s potential. 


Life happenings

  • My new roommate, Haley, has finally moved in! She has quickly grown to be one of my closest friends. I’m so thankful for how much she’s already improved my life! The apartment is SO much cleaner and I love that we have two dogs in the apartment now. Our dogs are BFF’s. Plus, it’s like I have two closets now. I’m looking forward to more Wine Wednesdays, movie nights, deep back porch talks, and late night Sheetz runs in 2018.
  • I hadn’t been single in almost 3+ years and I’m enjoying a new sense of independence! Instead of depending on someone else’s help, I have to use my own problem-solving skills and abilities to be successful. (Yes, I do have to call my mom from time to time) This is nice until there’s no one else to take Kona out at 11pm. I’m also loving the #TimesUp movement and the empowering messages it conveys.  
  • On the contrary, I have met someone I really like and am excited to see where things go. I’m trying not to jump the gun on this one though.
  • I’m my sister’s maid of honor so we’ve been busy planning the bachelorette party, bridal shower, etc. As a former sorority girl, I live for this shit! Four years of recruitment trained for MOH duties. I’m so looking forward to the wedding! I’ve already started working on my speech… and we’re still 8 months out. 

On the blog

  • I recently started a partnership with The Authentic Woman and am so excited to start working with them! I’m all about building up other women and promoting a purposeful, influential, and REAL life.
  • Freelance writing has always been a dream of mine and I am thrilled to land another position for a PR company. The thrill and freedom that comes with freelance is wonderful. 
  • I want to expand the topics I focus on on TCC and write more authentic articles. While I love writing about fashion, beauty, and health, I do have a educational background in gender studies and politics. I want to be able to write about more difficult topics and hard-hitting stories. I don’t want to keep only writing what I think people will like. When have I been satisfied with being vanilla?
  • I’m working on a new media project that I’m excited to debut next month. As much as I enjoy writing, I have many other talents that I want to showcase.

Currently reading

  • I just finished reading Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson! The book discusses the battle with mental health and the decision to choose happiness. Jenny Lawson is a quirky, yet hilarious woman who you’ll want to be best friends with. The book was crazy relatable and made me feel a little less abnormal. A lot of those things you wonder if you only think and feel… other people do too!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Additionally, who wouldn’t want to read a book with a cross-eyed raccoon taxidermy on the cover?

Paparazzi Jewelry 

  • I’m excited to start my journey with Paparazzi as an independent consultant! As soon as I discovered Paparazzi, I was HOOKED! I know most of us are on a budget but still want to look our best. Well, paparazzi jewelry is ONLY $5.00. (Yes, I said that right) It is affordable for almost any budget.
  • At first I was even hesitant… 5$ jewelry?! Say what?! But all of it is still super great quality and really cute! You can find rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. for less.
  • Even better, every necklace you purchase comes with a matching set of earrings! You can join my VIP Facebook group or buy online.

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