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I love my dog, Kona, and I always want what’s best for her. I take her on multiple walks a day, brush her teeth once a week, and visit the vet often to make sure she’s in good shape! 

We care about our pets and their health. So why aren’t we more concerned about what dog food we’re giving them? And what ingredients are going into their bodies?

That’s why I recently started Kona on The Farmer’s Dog, a healthy (real ingredients) dog food! Kona was having loose stools so the vet suggested that I change up her diet.

I’m happy knowing it’s good for her. Kona is happy because it tastes so delicious! 

The food comes personalized and in servings that have been customized to your dog’s individual needs. They are easy ready-to-serve meals — pre-made and pre-portioned. Just open and pour.

The Farmer’s Dog started when Brett Podolsky’s Rottweiler, Jada, began having stomach problems. So, Podolsky was cooking for his dog EVERY DAY! Podolsky, and a buddy of his, Johnathon Regev, began trying to find a solution for Jada’s food problems. Nnow they’re sharing it with others!

The Farmer’s Dog delivers balanced, freshly made pet food to our pooches! Their simple recipes contain less processing, more natural nutrients, and higher safety standards. Doesn’t every pet deserve that?

And if they don’t eat it, I will. The Farmer’s Dog has even been tested and approved by humans!

Kona baby went both for the turkey and beef recipe ?

The best part… you no longer have to worry about running to the store when you’re out of dog food. They deliver! The Farmer’s Dog showed up right on my doorstep!

It’s like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron for your best four-legged friend. Fancy.

The Farmer’s Dog is made fresh and delivered to you within days of cooking. Never deep frozen. Never stored on a shelf for months.

 I feel confident trusting The Farmer’s Dog.


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  1. Margaret Stuart

    Interesting. I guess I have never really sat down and thought that much about the food that my dogs are eating. But this definitely seems like the healthiest choice for them. I am sure both my dogs would love something like this.

    14 . Sep . 2017
  2. Patricia

    Seems like the perfect food for dogs! I don’t have one, but I will recommend this to people who have dogs who are a little more sensitive to the regular dog foods.

    14 . Sep . 2017
  3. Aduke Schulist

    This sounds like a great alternative to those terrible store bought options. I have been researching making my own, but this seems like it would be much easier.

    14 . Sep . 2017
  4. Lebo

    Awesome work you’re doing!

    14 . Sep . 2017
  5. Melody Butler

    I recently got a new German Shepherd puppy and was already looking into special food for her, I’m definitely going to check this out.

    14 . Sep . 2017
  6. Jenny

    I’m considering switching up my pups food too. I’ll have to look into this.

    15 . Sep . 2017
  7. Gina

    My dog is really particular about his food but I’d love to know what he thought about this product! Thanks for sharing x

    15 . Sep . 2017
  8. Dr. K. Lee Banks

    This looks like something I should look into! We have 3 dogs – all rescues – different breeds and ages. Right now they’re just on the standard dog food (healthy weight version), but I occasionally do make pumpkin biscuits for them. I would like to feed them regular healthier dog food.

    17 . Sep . 2017

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