Quick & Easy Teeth Whitening for Coffee Addicts


In case you didn’t know, I work in television and it’s super important for me to have a bright, white smile on screen! Plus early call times or late-night movie screenings are fueled by coffee. However, coffee can REALLY stain your teeth. Especially if you drink it everyday like me! So, how do I manage to keep my smile TV worthy? My secret is Smile Brilliant. Smile Brilliant is an amazing and simple to use teeth whitening kit. After just one whitening session, I already noticed a difference in my smile! Plus there are tons of other great benefits.

As a result of our diet and age, it’s natural for our teeth to yellow. A great whitening system removes stains that have built up after years of wear and tear. I love Smile Brilliant’s custom-fitted trays because they eliminate the trip and cost of a dentist appointment. Smile Brilliant’s team is made up of dental professionals with more than 30 years of experience. They’ve engineered a system that works for everyone! 

This post was sponsored by Smile Brilliant. The opinions are completely my own, based on my experience.

Here’s what is included in the kit:

2 Impression Trays

3 sets of impression material

Professional Teeth Whitening Gel & Desensitizing Gel

3-Way Postage


Smile Brilliant also makes your experience pleasant and simple! With your kit is a set of easy to follow directions alongside images. So, you have an idea of what you’ll get after your order:


Step 1. You’ll receive a white and blue box from Smile Brilliant in the mail including all the tools you need to get started! First, you create your molds with the material and directions they provide. They also provide the packaging and labels to send your molds back to the lab!

Step 2. Back at the lab, your custom-fitted trays are hand-crafted by Smile Brilliant’s dental lab technicians. This process typically only takes a week.

Step 3. Open your package and enjoy whitening.

Fun Facts on Smile Brilliant:

  • Smile Brilliant is the only professional teeth whitening company backed by Google’s exclusive Trusted Store Program
  • The whitening process uses active ingredients to temporarily open pores in your teeth and lift stains. After each whitening session, your teeth naturally remineralize and rehydrate.
  • Smile Brilliant deliver 3x-5x faster and save customers more than 70% off the traditional cost of dentist whitening.

My results were AMAZING! I feel more confident than ever thanks to Smile Brilliant. I thought I had tried everything —I’ve used numerous whitening strips and kinds of toothpaste but none have given me great results. Still not sure? Don’t just listen to me… Read some more best home teeth whitening reviews.

If you’re ready to start your Smile Brilliant experience, check out 7 Things To Know Before Buying Teeth Whitening. Then, you’ll be on your way! You can also use the code thecarlycollective10 for 10% off your purchase.

Whitening Teeth At Home

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  1. Louann Kristy

    This is great ! I know a few coffee addicts that can use this. 🙂

    I personally like my crest white strips 🙂

    Of Wander and Wild

    07 . Jun . 2017
  2. Suzanne Spiegoski

    As an avid coffee drinker, I definitely need to check this out! 🙂

    07 . Jun . 2017
  3. James Smith

    I really should do this. I chew a lot of sugar-free gum to try and reverse some of the coffee and wine stains.

    07 . Jun . 2017
  4. Taylor Kirk

    I have been looking for a teeth whitening product! I am going to check this out

    07 . Jun . 2017
  5. Erica @ Coming Up Roses

    Oh my gosh, what a noticeable difference – so fabulous! Your smile is beautiful!!!

    Coming Up Roses

    07 . Jun . 2017
  6. Ayana

    For a minute I thought that syringe thing was a NEEDLE! hahah! This looks great and so do your teeth! I need one of these kits!

    07 . Jun . 2017
  7. Candace

    I’m getting worse at drinking more coffee daily! I’m going to check this out!

    07 . Jun . 2017
  8. Angela

    Omg, I’m a coffee addict too…loved you results!

    08 . Jun . 2017
  9. cheri

    Im so addicted to my coffee and my teeth totally suffer. Im always looking for a quick/easy way to whiten. Cant wait to try these. Thank You

    08 . Jun . 2017
  10. Taylor Mobley

    Your smile is beautiful! I’m always looking for great teeth whitening products and this looks amazing!

    08 . Jun . 2017
  11. Zan Turner

    I got to say, I had not thought of diet and age causing our teeth to yellow. I mean, I think I knew that (diet part) at least, but somehow forgot about it. I wondered why my once white teeth does not look so white anymore. Now I know… How great it is to find a system that brightens instantly?! Your teeth look amazing even after just one use!! Thanks for the info!

    08 . Jun . 2017
  12. Kallie | But First, Coffee

    wow, those before and after shots were awesome! thanks for sharing this!

    08 . Jun . 2017
  13. Sondra

    That before and after picture really showed a difference. I would definitely recommend this to friends.

    09 . Jun . 2017
  14. Cait Weingartner

    I’d never heard of Smile Brilliant, thanks for sharing this information! Your results are just beautiful, and I am looking forward to trying this out myself!

    09 . Jun . 2017
  15. Dia

    I was actually trying to find a whitening kit this weekend but everything was so expensive at Target, I decided to wait and shop around. I’ll have to check this one out.

    12 . Jun . 2017

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