Quick Guide to Street Art in Downtown Raleigh


Whether I’m checking out a new restaurant, lounging at Moore’s Square Park, or hitting up Boxcar Barcade for some Mario Kart, I love visiting Downtown Raleigh! Downtown Raleigh is filled with tons of things to do and numerous great places to strike a pose.

Raleigh believes, “A city should be as colorful as its citizens”. Last week, I took a trip downtown and walked around identifying all the wonderful murals and street art. I found 8 awesome Downtown Raleigh spots for you to discover and grab a photo of! 

1. ‘All Are Welcome’ on the corner of McDowell and Cabarrus streets

2. ‘Here Comes The Sun’ on the side of the Raleigh Convention Center

3. ‘HQ Raleigh’ by HQ Raleigh on S. Harrington St.

4. ‘Feminist Disney Princesses’ across from CAM Raleigh

5. ‘Dare to Dissent’ by Deco on Salisbury St.

6. ‘I Won’t Grow Up’ across from The Pit and Boxcar Barcade

7. ‘Rainbow’ in the back of Trophy Brewing Company

8. Unnamed Mural on the side of Chuck’s Burger Restaurant (still under construction)

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