Soak Up The Sun AND Save The Elephants


This past month, I spent a week in Wilmington with my family. We drank, we laughed, we sat on the beach for hours… and it went by too fast! (I say as I sit in my window-less office.) For my vacation, I packed three of my new Ivory Ella shirts and was super excited to show them off!

The shirts were all SUPER comfy and had such vibrant colors! How cool is this purple tie-dye tee? Tie-dye is making a come back, people ? And Ivory Ella has tons to choose from! Plus, each t-shirt is dyed by hand and is totally unique. You’ll also notice all three are sporting an elephant and that’s because…

Ivory Ella makes “good clothes for a good cause”. So, each time you buy from Ivory Ella you are helping save the elephants! 10% of their net profits are donated to which aids in the research of elephant behavior and ecology, the protection of elephants from ivory poachers and traffickers, and in raising awareness of the plight of the elephants.

Since launching in April 2015, Ivory Ille has raised 1,130,717$ for their cause.

I have a strange love for baseball tees. I have way too many! But there’s always room for more… including this Ivory Ella Bright Coral Baseball Tee. I may not play sports but I sure do feel like I hit it out of the park with this shirt.

It’s lightweight, so it’s perfect for Summer ? And has a tiny front pocket to carry your hamster, piece of cheese, or cellphone in. Plus, This baseball tee come in various colors!I It‘s originally 36$ but for a limited time it’s 10 dollars off!

I know I’ve already told ya’ll how much I love this piece in this post but I looove this cover up! The lace up front and hood is too cute. Ivory Ella just released their new Summer 2017 collection and I’m absolutely obsessed with it!!! They designed new Ivory Ella beach towels, tank tops, bags, and more.

Also, we gotta give it up to my dad for being my impromptu photographer. I’m so thankful for his constent support. After this shoot, he took me on a ride on his Vespa to a beautiful location. It was the making of a wonderful memory.


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  1. Tiffany Khyla

    Elephants are my favorite animal, so duh I’ll always jump at the chance to help them. My dream is to go to Thailand and visit an elephant sanctuary. Also, I love Wilmington! I’ve only been once, and it’s such a beautiful place.

    28 . Jun . 2017
  2. Oh to Be a Muse

    Gotta love clothing brands with a good cause. And who doesn’t love elephants. Am I right?

    28 . Jun . 2017
  3. Kait

    Oh my gosh those shirts are absolutely adorable! I need one of eaxhbfor sure!

    28 . Jun . 2017
  4. Amber b

    Super cute tops and for a great cause too. Thanks for sharing!

    28 . Jun . 2017
  5. Cassie

    These are so cute! What an awesome cause. I got to see some elephants when I was on a safari in Ghana and they are such beautiful animals.

    Cassie’s Big Adventure

    28 . Jun . 2017
  6. Sophie Mitchell

    Omg I love this idea! Such an amazing cause and the shirts look so comfy too.

    28 . Jun . 2017
  7. Jody

    This is a great cause. I recently learned of them when my daughters best friend requested that if people were looking to purchase her a birthday gift she wanted them to be from a place that donated a part of the money to a good cause. This site was one of the ones on her list and she did receive one of the baseball tees. Thanks for sharing with others.

    28 . Jun . 2017
  8. McKenna Bleu

    This is such a good cause! Those shirts are so cute!

    28 . Jun . 2017
  9. Ying- NavigatingAdulthood

    I love brands that support a good cause. And of course because I love elephants!

    28 . Jun . 2017
  10. Nicole Booz

    I love the purple tye dye shirt, especially the pocket! This is an amazing cause to support!

    29 . Jun . 2017
  11. Melissa

    Such a great idea! I love elephants so this is perfect for me!

    xx, Melissa

    29 . Jun . 2017
  12. colorsofmei

    I honestly have not heard of this brand. The fabric looks very comfy and soft. I will have to check this out. I like the thought that its made with a good cause.

    29 . Jun . 2017
  13. Becca Kern

    I absolutely love this! Such an amazing idea and the shirts are adorable. Great job!!

    29 . Jun . 2017
  14. Becca Kern

    Elephants are my absolute favorite animal! i love that you support saving them and the shirts are so cute! Good job!

    29 . Jun . 2017
  15. Melissa @ Disco Bumblebee

    Those are so cute. I love the purple ti dye one, and what a great cause!

    29 . Jun . 2017
  16. Leanna Carson

    The purple tie-dye is so cute! I love that they give back to a great cause!

    xo, L

    29 . Jun . 2017
  17. Kayla

    I’ve heard of Ivory Ella but haven’t gotten anything from them yet. There are so many cute tops I can’t choose!

    Kayla |

    29 . Jun . 2017
  18. Alix Maza

    How awesome! I’ve always wanted an Ivory Ella shirt.

    29 . Jun . 2017
  19. Helen

    I love when brands have a good cause! These are so cute!

    29 . Jun . 2017
  20. steph parrell

    I have been making such a huge conscious effort to buy ethically. I love this idea and I love when people share brands that do good for the world and not just their pockets.

    29 . Jun . 2017
  21. TINA H

    These tops are so so cute! And for a good cause as well? That’s amazing!

    xo Tina
    IG: @tinasweetheart

    29 . Jun . 2017
  22. courtney

    Awww elephants are my favourite animal so You can bet that I will be buying something just to help the cause.

    29 . Jun . 2017
  23. Rachel Ritlop

    Awe this is so awesome! I’m so glad you’re helping the cause!

    30 . Jun . 2017
  24. Michaela

    This company has become so popular where I live. I love the cause it stands for.

    30 . Jun . 2017
  25. Kristine

    I love, love the baseball tee! I haven’t heard of this brand and I’m so happy that you introduced me to them. Save the elephants!

    30 . Jun . 2017
  26. Hannah Palamara

    What a cool cause! And I love that purple elephant tee! So cute.

    30 . Jun . 2017

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