Spring Cleaning Essentials


The following post is a guest post from the talented, Diane Ruff, blogger at Little Lady in The Big World. Check out Diane on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more awesome articles! 

It is that time of year again – Spring! So, it is time to dust the appliances off and clean out that closet. You may look around and think that this is nearly impossible, but if you have the essentials, it should make the job go by easier. Here are some essentials that you might need to conquer Spring cleaning!



Plan, plan and plan! Whether you live in an apartment or a house, you want to have a game plan for each room. I suggest compiling a list of areas you want to clean in each room while also planning what you might need to clean them.   

Tip: If you know that your week is going to be jam-packed, then structure your cleaning to fit in where you have time – maybe an hour a night throughout the week or dedicate days to each room where you see fit.


No matter what room you are cleaning, you need to have the right tools and materials. I suggest using multi-purpose cleaning agents for both the kitchen, bathroom and any other hard to clean surfaces. Do not forget the other obvious cleaning supplies such as towels/rags, mops, vacuum, broom, and duster. 

Tip: White vinegar can be used for cleaning hard surfaces, appliances, and dusting – plus it’s cheap! 


This is the fun part! Well, for me… organization is what I need the most in my apartment! So whenever I get the chance, I make the most of it. Throughout the year, I like to take time to organize things before they get out of hand, but the annual spring cleaning sets the tone for the rest of the year. Here are some things in your home that may need to be organized: 


  • Bedroom/Closet – Sort those clothes and think about giving some to charity. Out with the old and in with the new! 
  • Pantry/Cabinets – This area can become a stockpiled with miscellaneous things, so storage materials such as baskets, jars or organizers could be helpful in making this area neat and clean 
  • Drawers– We all have that one messy drawer in our home (mine is in the kitchen). Why not use a drawer organizer to make those drawers less messy? 
  • Refrigerator– This area is especially important to keep clean, but as we buy groceries, it could look unorganized and food can just be stashed in there. For me, this causes food to go bad because sometimes a stashed meal or vegetable can go unseen. Baskets and organizers can also be used in the fridge to organize like foods together so everything is in a rightful place. 
  • Bathroom – I am a product junkie! Just like I must go through my clothes, I also need to go through any beauty products to make sure nothing is expired or I am not harboring things I would never use. Consider giving away things that are still good, but you know that you will never use them. 

Dusting & Deodorizing

Dusting may not seem important, but it is part of the game! The blinds, curtains, TV and ceiling fan need to be dusted so make it easy on yourself. No need to spend money on actual dusters, try to reuse any old socks and towels to save money. Also, deodorizing is very important while cleaning and I LOVE a great smelling home, here are so things to try to get a great fragrance throughout your home:

  • Potpourri
  • Candles
  • Fresh flowers
  • Carpet deodorizer 
  • Room fresheners
  • Diffusers
  • Open windows 


Make it fun! 

While spring cleaning may be fun for some people, others look at it like a chore. Why not make it more fun for yourself? Music is an obvious tip, but I also take this time to listen to my favorite podcast or YouTube videos. 

Remember, spring cleaning is a time to get organized YOUR way, so focus and have fun with it! Once you plan, get the products you need and organize you are on your way to being Spring ready! Good Luck!



  1. Kaitlin

    I always forget to dust things like the blinds and window ledges – it would be helpful if I created a plan, like you suggested, and included those tasks!
    – Kaitlin

    05 . May . 2017
  2. Cierra

    This is great! MY and I are somewhat neat freaks lol. I think you should add your favorite cleaning tools/products because I wanna know!

    05 . May . 2017
  3. Shopgirl Anonymous

    I read once to break up spring cleaning/organizing by room and by week. When I actually am kind to myself and do this, life is so much easier! But I have a horrible habit of biting off more than I can chew. 😉

    05 . May . 2017
  4. Samantha

    Great tips! Having a schedule to clean has helped me so much.

    05 . May . 2017
  5. Jessica

    I love organizing too, but it’s so difficult to get the motivation to do it!

    06 . May . 2017
  6. Caitlin

    Love this post! Just did some Spring Cleaning as well, and it always feels so good to get things cleaned out for Summer.

    06 . May . 2017
  7. Maria DeCotiis

    I definitely need to some spring cleaning! Thanks for the great tips!

    07 . May . 2017
  8. adriana

    Making it fun is so important! It’s the only way to make it NOT such a tedious task haha! I love organizing though, my favorite part!

    31 . May . 2017

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