Are you ready to take your blog to the next level?



Blog Audit 20.00$


Each personalized blog audit is unique and will:

  • Give you ideas on what improvements can be made
  • Help you figure out what is and isn’t working as well as, what is missing
  • Create a unique blog that will bring in more views
  • Help you determine and reach your blog goals

How does a blog audit work?

Each audit starts with a one-on-one meeting. We will set a time and date for a 30-minute video chat! I’ll get to learn more about you, your brand, your vision, and goals.

After our meeting, I’ll begin the audit by diving into your blog. I will look at your main page, posts, pictures, etc. Within 3 days of our meeting, I will email you a detailed report pointing out everything you need to work on and the steps you need to get there. I want you to take your site from a blog into a real business.

After you receive the report, I will be available for any question that you might have through email.



Front Page Advertisment 10.00$



After purchasing a month-long advertisement, your brand name and link will be added to my sidebar for a month! My blog reaches more than 5,000 unique viewers a month who will than be referred to your site.  My sidebar is stagnant and is viewed from every page, therefore, giving your brand a better chance at being clicked!

Please remember to leave your brand name and link when purchasing.





Marketing Coach 30.00$


What is a marketing coach?

As a marketing coach, I will be at your side and service for a month long. My priority is to help you create and implement a marketing plan for your brand. I will work with you 1 on 1 to build your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. into successful promotional tools! Together, we can work on

  • Creating consistent graphics and image for your sites
  • Starting email marketing for your brand (depending on your audience)
  • Finding ways to grow your audience
  • Building a long-term monetization strategy based on your niche and brand personality

How does a marketing coach work?

I’m excited to work alongside you as your marketing coach and assistant for a month-long! To begin our journey, I will need to add you on Facebook and your own personal Asana board… where we can communicate 24/7!

My goal is to utilize social networks and other various platforms, to take your brand’s numbers from hundreds to thousands.

I will share my strategies and tools with you, as well as plan your social media schedules. Each post you publish will be shared on numerous platforms reaching a larger audience.

We can also work on monetizing your brand and creating a successful sales bucket.



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