Summer Bucketlist

I’m ready to live a life full of adventure and that starts with stepping out of my comfort zone. Inspired by “101 in 1001 days”, I’m making my own list but starting a little smaller!  Thanks for joining me on this journey. 

Starting: April 21st, 2017

  1. Go Jet Skiing

  2. Sleep on the balcony

  3. Visit Umstead Park

  4. Try paddle boarding

  5. Kayak

  6. Try a new restaurant

  7. Camp in the truck bed

  8. Get another tattoo

  9. Go on an ice cream date

  10. Make smores

  11. Have a picnic

  12. Visit the farmers market

  13. Play Mini Golf

  14. Watch the sunrise on the beach

  15. Splash at a waterpark

  16. Host a themed party

  17. Get a massage

  18. Dress up for a week

  19. Wear lipstick for a week

  20. Stay at a hotel

  21. Have a shopping spree

  22. Buy a nice piece of jewelry

  23. Feed a giraffe at Lazy 5 Ranch

  24. Try hot yoga

  25. Make great friends

  26. Excel at my job

  27. Read 17 books

  28. Save 17,000$

  29. Revamp my resume and media kit

  30. Start a flower garden

  31. Go bowling

  32. See fireworks

  33. Donate to Second Chance Pet Adoptions

  34. Tie-dye shirts

  35. Pay it forward

  36. Book a vacation

  37. Ride a Ferris wheel

  38. Get reservations at the melting pot

  39. Pull an all-nighter

  40. Whiten my teeth

  41. Try lash extensions

  42. Attend a concert

  43. Have a photo shoot in a bikini

  44. Bask in the sun at the Eno quarry

  45. Meet up with other bloggers

  46. Attend a sporting event

  47. Start a book club

  48. Get a credit card

  49. Compete in another Zooppa contest

  50. Purchase a MacBook