The Best Tools for Blogging Full-time


Since starting a year ago, I’ve learned first-hand that blogging is a full-time career that takes a lot of effort and you need the right tools to succeed. Without these following tools, I would be drowning in work. These tools are a great way to organize and maintain a successful business. They are creative tools, organization tools, or social media tools. Stay on top of your blogging game and add these resources to your work routine. 

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When you first start creating your online site, the biggest concern that comes to mind is choosing the best web hosting service for you! We typically want a web hosting service that is reliable and affordable! Unfortunately, I decided to go with Wix when I started blogging… and oh boy, did I regret that decision. Thankfully, I didn’t stay with Wix long or purchase anything besides the basic plan. 

As I began my search again, tons of friends pointed me to Bluehost! Bluehost was there for me as I transferred from Wix and transformed The Carly Collective into a professional blog. My favorite thing about Bluehost is that they offer 24/7 service. So, while I was panicking about my site’s launch, they quickly responded to my calls and emails. 

Bluehost has been a great and reliable self-hosting service. Bluehost offers tons of options for your site including themes, add-ons, and other professional services! Plus, all at a small price! Bluehost is only 3.95/ a month for a basic plan. Part of signing up with Bluehost is receiving your own free domain name! 


I originally wasn’t sure about Tailwind. I really questioned if 9.99/ a month was worth it. Tailwind offers a week-long free trial and during my free trial, I became addicted!  

Tailwind is AWESOME for your Pinterest game.  Since starting a Tailwind membership, I’ve doubled my Pinterest followers. On my Tailwind dashboard, I’m able to keep track of my engagement rate, follower growth, and virality score. Tailwind is also great for Tailwind Tribes and automizing your pins. (That way you can pin 20+ times a day, throughout the day, while you have your feet up while watching TV)

Not sure what Tailwind Tribes are? No worries, I didn’t either. Tailwind Tribes is a tool that enables you to meet and grow with other marketers, just like you! The closest thing I can compare them to is Pinterest groups. You’re able to share your pin with the tribe and repin others.


HootSuite has been the ultimate tool in helping me balance my personal and work life! As a marketer, I feel like I’m ALWAYS on the computer and hate it! With HootSuite, I’m able to step away from the screen and feel confident my content will be posted at the right time and place. 

HootSuite lets you manage all your social media in one place. Instead of switching tabs from Facebook, Twitter, etc., you’re able to post to all from one platform! Even better, HootSuite lets you schedule those posts. HootSuite is so awesome, you can post while you sleep! HootSuite helps me organize and manage my social media campaigns. 

*Tip* Schedule all your posts on Sunday, that way you can give your focus to other tasks throughout the week!


It is so important to have a consistent and eye-catching Instagram to promote your brand best. Instead of predicting whether or not your next Insta post will match your layout, download Planoly and know! 

Planoly is connected to your Instagram, so it stays updated 24/7! You are able to upload multiple photos and slide them around to see where they fit best. That way your Instagram theme will be on fleek,


SelfMade is another great Instagram tool! Selfmade co. is a fresh new company that prides themselves on “strategic brand-building for social media”. Through an app on your phone, your connection with a “stylist” at all times. It’s kinda like having your own social media team hidden in your pocket.

Selfmade started as just a photo editing app. The creators study your Instagram, learn your aesthetic, and figure out what goals will help grow your brand. Then, you add your un-edited photos to the app and they return a pro-quality, aesthetically pleasing pic! (*Truth bomb* Once in a while, their edited is a miss but you can ask for unlimited revisions)

Some of their newest features include a content planner, as well as hashtag designer. The hashtag tool shows you the best hashtags for your photo to succeed!


Don’t have Photoshop? Me neither. Yet, I’m still able to run a successful online business! But not without Canvas help! If you haven’t heard of Canva yet, Canva is an amazingly simple graphic design service. Canva provides access to thousands of free photographs, graphics, and fonts.

Canva makes design quick and easy! The service also gives you tons of templates to design off of. You’re able to create blog graphics, presentations, Facebook posts, and printables! 

Google Calendar

I am a huge fan of Google Calendar! I have multiple physical planners, but I’ve found Google Calendar is the best way to schedule and organize blog posts, as well as campaigns. With Google Calendar, nothing is permanent, so you’re able to rearrange posts to fit the best posting date! 

Furthermore, Google Calendar even lets you color code your events! I use blue, red, yellow, and, green blocks to determine what hasn’t been started, what needs work, and what posts are good to go. You can also add multiple people to one calendar if you are working on a campaign with a team. 

Use these tools to take your blog to the next level! Are you a full-time blogger? Do you use of these resources or any I haven’t mentioned? 


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  1. Cait

    these are all tools i use and def ones i think are great to keep your blog afloat! Thanks for this! Tailwind is my favorite!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  2. Charlotte

    Thanks so much for sharing this comprehensive list of blogging tools! Many of these I use; some I’ve never heard of. I’ve always considered tailwind, and may have to finally sign up. Great post!!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  3. Julie

    I just discovered Canva and I’m a little addicted! It’s so fun to mess around with different layouts and photos. I’ve never heard of Planoly, but I’m definitely curious enough to check it out now.

    16 . Jan . 2018
  4. Kait Around The Kingdom

    I’ve never heard of self made but I’m totally looking into it now! So glad I found this post!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  5. Tessa

    Thank you for posting!!! These are definitely tools I will be using in the future!!!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  6. Beth

    Some of these I have used but others I have not, so I will need to look into them! Thanks for sharing!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  7. Emily

    Thanks so much for sharing this list. I have heard of a few of these things, but I will definitely check out the other ones. I love Canva. It’s such a great tool to use. I also love using Unsplash.

    16 . Jan . 2018
  8. Jenny

    These are great tools. I had no idea there were so many instagram tools available. Thanks for sharing.

    16 . Jan . 2018
  9. Lauren

    I love canva and tailwind… I have never heard of the instagram ones! Thanks for sharing

    16 . Jan . 2018
  10. Akaleistar

    Planoly and SelfMade sound awesome!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  11. Joan Cajic

    I use some of these and others I hadn’t heard about them so thank you for this. Looking into them now.

    16 . Jan . 2018
  12. Ruthie Ridley

    Planoly and tailwind are my faves for sure!!!! So good!!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  13. Katie

    Those are great tips! I love Tailwind so much!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  14. ShootingStarsMag

    I’m not a full time blogger but I DO want to grow a lot more in the next year or so. I use Canva and I love it. I also think I might use Hootsuite – and possibly Tailwind!


    16 . Jan . 2018
  15. the sophia diaries

    thanks for sharing all these apps!! i’m glad to know that i either use most of them or know of most of them haha

    16 . Jan . 2018
  16. Michelle Williams

    Yessss I definitely rely on these tools all the time! So important! Canva is my personal favorite!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  17. adriana

    I just started using Tailwind more consistently and it really is such a game changer! Love your tools!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  18. Ashley

    As a new blogger, this post was so helpful! I especially can’t wait to try Planoly. I hadn’t heard of that piece before. Thanks so much for all of the great suggestions. I’m bookmarking this so I can up my game!

    16 . Jan . 2018
  19. Willow

    I love Tailwind and Boardbooster for Pinterest. For scheduling I use Coschedule. It has saved me from having to post to social media throughout the day.

    16 . Jan . 2018
  20. Kim

    Thanks for this awesome information. I use some of those listed and now checking out the others.

    16 . Jan . 2018
  21. Taylor

    I will have to check out planoly! I also use Buffer and Quickbooks (for businessy things)

    16 . Jan . 2018
  22. Danielle

    I personally use planoly and absolutely love it! I had to use hootsuite for work and eventually had it for my personal blog and I didn’t really like it. I will be trying Tailwind though. Thank you for the suggestion.

    16 . Jan . 2018
  23. Beth

    I love Canva! I have been able to do so much with it! I also love Tailwind and Boardbooster as well. They are total game changers for Pinterest.

    Beth ||

    17 . Jan . 2018
  24. Katie

    Love this post! I’m always looking for new tips and tricks to make my work-life balance easier. I also think you’ve convinced me to pay $10/month for Tailwind.

    17 . Jan . 2018
  25. summer

    Canva is 100% a need – such a great dupe for Photoshop and I even prefer it over Photoshop for some projects.

    17 . Jan . 2018
  26. Nichole

    I’ve used many of these tools and I have to say my new found favorite is Planoly for scheduling my instagram feed!

    17 . Jan . 2018
  27. Lauren

    I haven’t heard of Self Made, but I will be sure to check it out. That sounds interesting that they help you edit photos!

    17 . Jan . 2018
  28. Jenny

    So many great tools here! Google Calendar and Planoly are lifesavers for me.

    17 . Jan . 2018
  29. Azanique

    I don’t blog full-time but have been wanting to get started with Tailwind! I’ll definitely be starting that this weekend.

    -xo, Azanique |

    17 . Jan . 2018
  30. Christie Brown

    I haven’t heard of some of these tools, but I’m definitely keen to check a few of them out; SelfMade sounds super handy! Hootsuite is an absolute lifesaver and I love using Tailwind for Pinterest. Canva is also great for graphics. Great choices! 🙂 x

    17 . Jan . 2018
  31. Melissa

    Canva is such a great tool! Some of my highest re-pinned on Pinterest came from using Canva to create the graphic.

    17 . Jan . 2018
  32. Brittany

    OK girl I DEFINITELY needed this post right now! I’m totally gonna check out Hootsuite, Google Calendar, and SelfMade! xo, Brittany |

    17 . Jan . 2018
  33. Deborah

    Great list! I use Hootsuite and Canva a lot and they’re my favorites!

    17 . Jan . 2018
  34. Leah

    Great post!! I use most of these already but I had never heard of Planoly, will have to check it out!!

    17 . Jan . 2018
  35. Chelsea Pearl

    Tailwind and Canva have been complete game changers for my Pinterest strategy. I recommend them to all of my blogger friends!

    17 . Jan . 2018
  36. Ccameron - Diary of a Southern Millennial

    I def need to check out SelfMade! And instead of Hootsuite I use Buffer, but they’re basically the same thing – so great to have your posts all scheduled out! SmarterQueue is also amazing for scheduling out posts!

    17 . Jan . 2018
  37. Marci Smith

    I think my absolutely favorite tool is SmarterQueue. I could not function without it, if they DO end up adding Pinterest I would never have to manually post again!

    17 . Jan . 2018
  38. nicholle

    I love Canva! It’s such a time saver!

    18 . Jan . 2018
  39. Ashley

    I actually really love Evernote for my blog, especially with note and a content calendar. SelfMade sounds great! Buffer is also my favorite!

    18 . Jan . 2018
  40. Tara

    i’m slowly learning tailwind – it seems great! I was part of selfmade for a while but didn’t find it worth the price in the end. 🙁

    18 . Jan . 2018
  41. adriana

    These are all musts for blogging! Love this list girl!

    19 . Jan . 2018
  42. The Southern Thing

    I use a lot of these tools you mentioned and they are all so helpful!

    24 . Jan . 2018

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