The Best Tour of St. Lucia: Joe Knows


A couple of my sister’s friends have been to St. Lucia before and recommended the Joe Knows tour to us.

St. Lucia was our favorite destination during our Caribbean trip and the Joe Knows crew made it a blast. St. Lucia’s sea and land is beautiful. From the abundant flora to its volcanic views, it’s no wonder why St. Lucia is travel-worthy.

The crew picked us up at Port Castries along with 12 other people (all honeymooners except for us). We had to keep explaining that we weren’t a couple. By the end of the tour (and thanks to some rum), we were all friends.

On the way to our first stop, the speedboat took us past the twin mountain peaks, The Pitons. However, the locals call them “The Dolly Partons”.

St. Lucia’s volcano is one of only two that exist. After erupting in the 18th century, The Soufriere volcano actually collapsed into itself. Thus, making the inside of the volcano crater-like and actually driveable.

While the volcano is dormant, it is predicted to erupt in the next 100 years. So, until then, people love to visit the volcano for its natural sulfur springs.

While the springs may smell like rotten eggs. The mud does wonder for your skins. We covered our bodies in the mixture and then relaxed in a hot, natural bathing pool.

We ignored TLC’s advice and headed to Diamond Fall. Diamond Fall is St. Lucia’s most popular and most colorful waterfall. The mixture of minerals from rainwater and volcanic falls often change the colorful appearance of it. 

They told us the water would be “refreshing” while they really meant “freezing”.

Yet, the experience of swimming under a waterfall numbs you to the cold. The Diamond Fall is also part of a Botanical garden that you’re able to walk through and observe Caribbean plants if you have time.

For lunch, I ate some Caribbean favorites: jerk chicken, coconut shrimp, and papaya cake. Yum!

They wanted us to be full of the adventures and alcohol ahead. I sat on the sidelines for snorkeling (as I said before, I’m not a fan) but enjoyed our hour beach break.

We stopped at a private beach neighboring a gorgeous resort. I asked one of the tour guides how much it was a night. It was 2,000 a night! A NIGHT!!! I looked for the Kardashians… ?

We stopped the boat, jumped off, and floated around for a bit before making our way back to the port. It was also cool to catch some cliff-jumpers throwing themselves off of Gros Islet.

You may recognize this rock formation from The Pirates of The Caribbean. Gros Islet is also referred to as the “Tunnel of Love” or “Lady’s Shoe”.

It was a great end to a great tour. Joe KNOWS how to have a good time. We got back to our room around 4 PM and passed out for the night!

If you had to choose, would you rather get a mud bath in volcanic springs or swim at the bottom of a waterfall? 

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  1. Kay

    How amazing that you went to St Lucia! Thats not too far from me!

    11 . Oct . 2017

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