The Nap Queen’s Guide to Getting More Zzz’s


Sleep and I have a love-hate relationship. I love sleep and as of recently, I haven’t been getting enough of it! Between all my anxiety, work, and other responsibilities, I end up tossing and turning throughout the night. Getting enough rest is super important to our overall health. Adults should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep a night to maintain a positive lifestyle. 

I was ready to make some changes in my nighttime routine to build better sleep habits. So, sleep and I are currently working on our relationship. Tyler says that since I’ve been sleeping like a rock and I’ve woken up numerous times with drool across my pillow. These six tasks have helped me reach a more sound night’s rest.

Who’s ready for more Zzz’s?

Create the best environment

It is easiest to fall asleep in a dark, quite, and cold environment. Being aware of that, you’ll want to create a bedroom that is ideal for sleeping. Your body warms up at night so 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature for catching Zzz’s. Turn off any lights and close the blinds before bed. Exposure to light can keep you tossing and turning throughout the night. 

And while for some, a completely quiet environment is relaxing… some (like me) need a little noise to drift off. Invest in a noisemaker or download a free app to drone out other noises. 

Restrict electronics in your bedroom

I totally FAIL at this but I’m trying to get better… your bed should be for only two things! Sleep and… more sleep? However, you can often find me watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram in the comfort of my bed. 

Electronics should not be in the bedroom! No TVs, computers, or phones! Electronics promote mental activity and wakefulness. Even putting them down at night but having them in the same room, may keep your mind stimulated or interfere with your sleep. Instead of scrolling through social media before bed, read a book. In fact, you should avoid electronics up to an hour before bed.

Avoid caffeine

Ughhhhh, I love coffee! (As a journalist, work can pile on and hours can get crazy. Don’t judge me.) But recently, my doctor told me to cut it out ✂️☕

I’ve been limiting myself to only two cups per day. My coffee consumption really affected my sleep schedule. Caffeine is a stimulant… aka: it keeps your brain alert. So, caffeine and sleep don’t mix well. You shouldn’t have any caffeine for up to 4-6 hours before bedtime, but it is also said to avoid Caffeine after 12pm. Point blank: caffeine is good for waking up and bad for falling asleep.

P.s- Ice cream has caffeine as well. Too many times have I been betrayed by it’s creamy goodness. 

Melatonin is your BFF

Melatonin is your bodies natural chemical for going to sleep. Melatonin is a hormone that helps control your daily sleep cycles. At many drug-stores or grocery-stores, you can buy Melatonin supplements! To help give you that extra push to get you a good snooze ?

I’ve been taking Olly brand sleep gummies for a couple weeks now.

Have a routine

Try to get to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Also, make sure to do the same activities every night before bed. It’s like a little cue to your brain it’s time for sleep! Choose something relaxing – like reading a book or taking a bath. This will make it easier to fall asleep!

Invest in a good bed

Creating a comfortable and healthy bed surprisingly plays a large role in your sleep habits! My mother used to say, “You wouldn’t run a marathon or hike a mountain without the right gear.” And that’s so true when it comes to sleeping! We spend A LOT of our time in bed… so why not invest in a good one??

Find a mattress that fits you. (You can even “test-drive” your mattress before buying it.) Besides getting a new mattress, I also purchased memory foam pillows and a high-quality comforter. Your bed should be fit for a queen! ?


Are you ready for the best sleep of your life?

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  1. Krysta

    I recently started powering down my electronics an hour or so before bed and it’s changed my sleep dramatically. I always knew there were benefits of it, but I was just too concerned with always being on social media to quit , haha!

    30 . Jun . 2017
  2. A. Hacksley

    Gonna have to work on restricting electronics in my bedroom… This place looks like Best Buy!

    30 . Jun . 2017
  3. Rachel

    Great tips! Avoiding caffeine is key. I try to make it a point to cut myself off by the afternoon!

    30 . Jun . 2017
  4. Gabby

    Gosh, I love getting my sleep! I force myself now to put away my phone and laptop atleast 30 minutes before bed and I’m ashamed some times about how hard it can be sometimes lol! Loved all these tips. Also, lol at nap queen! I love a good nap too!
    xo, G

    01 . Jul . 2017
  5. Samantha | The Life You Love Blog

    I think the number one thing that has really helped me sleep, besides figuring out that I have restless legs and getting that under control, is definitely having a bedtime routine. Skin care products that have nighttime scents, aromatherapy, journaling, and a hot cup of lavender chamomile tea are all part of my nighttime routine now and I love it! And girl, I hear you about the electronics struggle. I’m kind of maybe definitely in bed on my laptop and my cell phone right now.. Oops.

    01 . Jul . 2017
  6. Bella

    Such great tips! having a routine is sure helpful!

    01 . Jul . 2017
  7. Kate

    Yes! I turn off my electronics (other than the white noise app on my phone) about an hour before bed, and I also dim the lights at that time. Having a clean room also helps.

    01 . Jul . 2017
  8. Jessica Lam

    These are great tips – the electronics one is so important haha, I always find myself staying up for hours just browsing on my phone!

    01 . Jul . 2017
  9. Jiawun

    I’m like you and can’t fall asleep when it’s too quiet! I usually turn on my Spotify to a low volume and set it on timer – makes me sleep so much easier! Great post, Carly xx

    02 . Jul . 2017
  10. Robert

    I can’t stop using my phone while in bed. I should just listen to music. I hear it is a great way to relax before sleep. Thank you for the tips. More sleep is always good.

    02 . Jul . 2017
  11. Elizabeth Brico

    These are good tips but waaay easier tipped than done, know what I mean? I also have PTSD so sleep has just become a sort of hell and it used to be my happy place 🙁

    02 . Jul . 2017
  12. Kristine

    Yes! It’s so important for me to have a routine. I’m a creature of habit so it hasn’t been too difficult. I run into trouble when that routine gets disrupted.

    02 . Jul . 2017
  13. Leanna Carson

    These are amazing tips! My husband and I are trying to create a new environment in our room, but we still need a new bed that is relaxing! Also, electronics are difficult for us, but we are trying a new thing that when we get in bed, we set our alarms and then no more phones until the next day. It only works out some days! LOL

    I’ve also been trying some Lavender Essential Oil on my pillowcase and I am hoping that helps a little more!

    xo, L

    02 . Jul . 2017
  14. Lisa

    These are all great tips! I have such a hard time sleeping I am such a night owl. I will definiely give these a try! Thanks


    03 . Jul . 2017
  15. Silvia

    These are amazing tips! I need to create a better schedule!

    03 . Jul . 2017
  16. Seersucker Sass

    I needed this post! I’ve been struggling to get in bed at a decent hour, and it makes waking up a nightmare. That is good to know about electronics before bed… Maybe cutting back on that will help me start reading more 🙂

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

    03 . Jul . 2017
  17. Jennifer

    What great tips! I also totally fail on keeping my electronics out of the bedroom. Definitely need to work on that!

    Jennifer Ashley //

    05 . Jul . 2017
  18. amy

    So many great tips! My sleep schedule has been super out of wack lately, need to check these out!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

    05 . Jul . 2017
  19. McKenna Bleu

    I can’t have my phone or laptop by my bed or else ill spend hours on them!

    05 . Jul . 2017
  20. Tori

    Such an important post! I made my bedroom a screen-free zone and it was so important! Now I need to work on no screens a half hour before bed!

    Tori || Victori Media

    06 . Jul . 2017
  21. Michaela

    YES GIRL! These tips could not be more true. Setting a schedule has definitely helped with my sleeping patterns.

    06 . Jul . 2017
  22. Greta

    I love to sleep! Having a good bed is so important. We just got a new mattress and it has made all the difference.

    Greta |

    08 . Jul . 2017
  23. Veronika Sykorova

    Not being on my phone before bed or even in bed seconds before I want to fall asleep is a big one for me. I don’t actually think it’s affecting me that much, it sometimes even helps me fall asleep? lol but it’s a habit I really want to quit either way

    23 . Jul . 2017

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