Unboxing Influenster’s Splash Box


Mike n Ike’s Sour-licious Zours

I’ve got a major sweet tooth and was super excited to break into Mike and Ike’s Sour-licious Zours! They were SO good that I wasn’t able to put them down… I ate the whole bag in one sitting. If you love sour candy, you’ll definitely want to pick some up. With five deliciously sour flavors and an intensely satisfying punch, these guys will be your new movie theater favorite.

Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

This lipstick is the best lipstick I have EVER used in my life and thats is no joke! I doubted Maybelline when they said this lipstick lasts up to 16 hours but I was proven wrong. I put the Super Stay lipstick to the testI ate tacos for lunch, treated myself to a couple glasses of wine and gave my dog lots of kissesand it did not smudge at all!!! Maybelline’s Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick is magical. It looked as flawless as when I first put it on after a long day. 


Sinful Colors Professional Nail Polish

I love painting my nails and I love Sinful Color’s polishes! The colors are always vibrant and unique. The blue color I received in my box is absolutely stunning and I loved the added the sparkles! The application was smooth and since my nails have been flawless. Its been 4+ days with no chips! Plus it’s super inexpensive for such a great product ?


Nature’s Origin Roll On Aromatherapy

I had been wanting to try Aromatherapy for so long and was too excited when I received this in my Splash Box! I dab some oil on my temple, nape, and wrists to feel more energized and calm. Plus, it has helped me relieve migraines. Nature’s Origin has numerous other scents, including Lavender and Invigoration.


Tree Hut Exfoliating Mud Mask

This face mask was awesome! The detoxifying charcoal exfoliates your skin and strips away dead skin cells! My skin felt healthy and so soft after using the mask for the first time. It tightened my skin without drying it out and got rid of blackheads on my nose! This Tree Hut Exfoliating Mud Mask is bound to give you the perfect summer skin.


Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak

I rely on dry shampoo to get me through the work week. Just me? ? Not Your Mother’s just came out with an awesome new dry shampoo that is seriously about to up your hair game. Clean Freak has a new ingredient that will get rid of any unwanted shine and add body to your lacking locks: Tapioca starch! Plus it smells delicious. 


What’s your favorite product from this Vox Box?

What is your go-to Summer necessity?

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  1. linda spiker

    Great box of goodies! I want that mud mask!

    12 . Jul . 2017
  2. adriana

    This box sounds amazing! I want to try that mud mask, I love those!

    12 . Jul . 2017
  3. Kay

    So many great things in this box! love it!

    12 . Jul . 2017
  4. Anna

    Oooh I saw that matte lipstick at Target the other day, but I didn’t actually pick it up. I might have to on my next trip!

    12 . Jul . 2017
  5. Lily

    I just purchased that lipstick and now I can’t wait to wear it! Yay!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

    12 . Jul . 2017
  6. Amanda Faber

    What a great box of goodies. I have heard good things about the Maybelline lipstick. How do you like it?


    12 . Jul . 2017
  7. Deborah

    Ahh lucky you! Influenster has some awesome voxboxes!
    And ooh I really want to try that Maybelline liquid lipstick! Sounds almost too good to be true!

    12 . Jul . 2017
  8. Chloe

    Ooo I wish I had received this box from Influenster! It looks amazing! I have been wanting to try that Maybelline lippie! 🙂

    xo, Chloe // http://funinthecloset.com/90s-combo-look/

    12 . Jul . 2017
  9. Carrie

    I just bought that Maybelline liquid lipstick and it’s amazing! It doesn’t budge AT ALL.

    Carrie | https://carrieeliseandkho.com/

    12 . Jul . 2017
  10. Jenny

    All of this stuff sounds awesome! Can’t wait to check some of it out.

    12 . Jul . 2017
  11. the sophia diaries

    omg that totally looks amazing!!! wow i didn’t even know they had these!!

    12 . Jul . 2017
  12. Rachel Ritlop

    ill have to check out that dry shampoo! it sounds great

    12 . Jul . 2017
  13. Vicki

    Getting that box would be like Christmas! Fun stuff!

    13 . Jul . 2017
  14. Erica @ Coming up Roses

    Looks like there were some great items in this box!!

    13 . Jul . 2017
  15. Ying-Navigatingadulthood

    I LOVE sour candy so the Mike and Ike’s Sour-licious Zours are right up my alley. Going to hunt for them at my local store!

    -Ying, navigatingadulthood.com

    13 . Jul . 2017
  16. Lauren (@pinkonthecheek)

    Oooooo, I am interested in trying that new dry shampoo! I love the Not Your Mother’s line already 🙂

    13 . Jul . 2017
  17. Alix Maza

    Sounds like a great box! I miss getting Influenster boxes. 🙁

    13 . Jul . 2017
  18. Leigh

    What fun products in the box! Im obsessed with face masks so I’ll definitely look out for that one.

    13 . Jul . 2017
  19. Beth

    Oh this is a really good one! My last Influenster box was just ok. I love all the beauty goodies you received! So fun!

    13 . Jul . 2017
  20. Bianca

    I just bought the Tapioca dry shampoo because it smelled like vanilla. I had no idea it was made with tapioca flower bahaha

    13 . Jul . 2017
  21. Liz

    All the stuff looks so neat! I just saw that dry shampoo the other day and I want to try it! I also love a good mask, love how it makes my skin feel! I will have to check out influenster boxes!

    13 . Jul . 2017
  22. ShootingStarsMag

    Oh wow, these all sound great. I’m so curious about trying that brand of dry shampoo. I don’t wear a lot of dry shampoo but it would be really handy sometimes, especially with warmer weather.


    14 . Jul . 2017
  23. Trisha R (@Rosewood_Grace)

    You got some amazing things in your box! The mud mask, lipstick, and dry shampoo all sound like things I’ll have to try!

    14 . Jul . 2017
  24. Jyo

    How cool! I especially love the nail polish and mud mask… and can’t say no candy ofcourse!

    14 . Jul . 2017
  25. Emily Morton

    I absolutely love that dry shampoo! It’s amazing!

    14 . Jul . 2017
  26. Silvia

    So many great goodies! I love that nail polish!

    19 . Jul . 2017
  27. elly leavitt

    I’m obsessed with that dry shampoo- it’s seriously the best! x

    20 . Jul . 2017

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