Weekend Adventures: Montage Hotel


In the beginning of July, I flew to L.A. to interview Mandy Moore and Claire Holt for their movie, 47 Meters Down. I had an absolutely wonderful time in Beverly Hills and the hotel I stayed in was gorgeous.

The Montage Hotel is a luxury hotel that welcomes the elite to relax, enjoy, and play. The montage has a total of 251 accommodating rooms, a beautiful roof-top restaurant, and a 20,000 sq ft two-floor spa.

Did I mention I paid for none of this… ? I felt like an absolute princess for the weekend! No worries, you can live vicariously through my experience.

The hotel is located in a prime spot! The Montage is in the heart of Golden Triangle (a shopping district catered towards the wealthy with stores like Gucci, Dior, and Chanel). Nothing that I wanted to explore was very far away. Aka: a little coffee shop off of Dayton Way.

However, you really don’t need to leave the hotel if you don’t want to —there was so much to do there! 

I was also overwhelmed by the plethora of alcohol and food as you walked into the room! So, of course, I took a picture. One thing is for sure… The Montage does not let their guests go hungry.

My hotel room was stunning! The “room” was made up of a bedroom, bathroom, walk-in closet, living room, patio and study area. It was bigger than my old apartment(600 sq ft) which I was living in at the time. There were also two TVs. TWO!!! 

The bed was enormous and super comfortable. I got the best sleep I’ve ever gotten at The Montage. Plus, I could close the blinds and turn off the lights with a remote. Basically, there was no reason to get out of bed… Ultimate relaxation.

Room service was only a click away. They had numerous options from appetizers, entrees, desserts, coffee, energy drinks, etc. I went with a chicken avocado sandwich and fries for dinner. The only problem is that in-room dining is available 24/7. Jet lag is a real thing, people. By 5:00 PST, I had already been awake for almost 15 hours and still needed to be ready for the movie premiere at 8. I spent some time drinking red bull out of a fancy glass and enjoying the view from my patio.

Then, I put on my complimentary cotton robe and took a dip in my room’s mosaic bathing tube. I felt ~royal~ ?  Not pictured, but still extremely important to mention, the heavenly glass rain shower. 

For a while, I searched for the pool. I even ran into Jennifer Hudson in the elevator during my search mission.

Silly me… the pool was on the roof. Duh! There weren’t tons of people out because there was sort of an overcast but the people who were there were enjoying their time. You can even rent a poolside villa for shade and comfort. (If you’re into that kind of thing.)

From the roof, you were able to get a beautiful view of L.A. I loved seeing how the mountains outline the cities limits.

After my stay, The reason why the Montage was named the #1 Hotel in Los Angeles by Condé Nast Traveler’s Readers’ Choice Awards is very apparent and understandable. It was more like staying at a retreat than a hotel…

The Montage hotel is a truly beautiful place. They provide excellent service, food, and accommodations. If you want the best out of your L.A. experience, I suggest you stay at The Montage Beverly Hills.

Click to learn more about Montage.

The only thing that I am extremely salty about is that I missed Justin Bieber by TWO WEEKS!!! Justin Bieber stayed at the Montage hotel the weekend of the 25th.  

Here’s a TMZ video of Justin walking into the hotel I stayed at only two weeks prior ?


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  1. Beth

    Oh my gosh! This place looks amazing!! How fun!

    12 . Sep . 2017
  2. Tilley Hanson

    Dang it, if only you had been there when the beibs came! I would die. Lol. The hotel looks beyond amazing though!

    12 . Sep . 2017
  3. Nicole

    That hotel is amazing! Looks like an amazing trip.

    12 . Sep . 2017
  4. Rachel @ The Confused Millennial

    ahh it looks like a dream!!! If only I could post up there RN haha

    12 . Sep . 2017
  5. KIm

    What a gorgeous hotel. That bath and the bed and the booze. Well I don’t drink but it would have kept the Mr happy! LOL . So, did you say Hi to Jennifer Hudson? Did she smile or ignore everyone? I still need to see the movie, Sharks and 2 of my favorite ladies…why haven’t I seen it yet?!

    12 . Sep . 2017
  6. Nicole Green

    This hotel is seriously STUNNING! That rooftop pool looks like a good place to lay out all day too.

    12 . Sep . 2017
  7. Ruthie Ridley

    This place looks amazing!! I want to stay here!!

    12 . Sep . 2017
  8. Kuleigh

    I’d definitely be hitting up the tub and pool first! This spot looks so relaxing. I’m also jealous you met Mandy Moore!

    12 . Sep . 2017
  9. Carmen // itsCarmen.com

    So beautiful. I’m drooling over to the pool! :]

    12 . Sep . 2017
  10. Ruthie Ridley

    Great re-cap!! That stair case and pool are amazing!!!

    13 . Sep . 2017
  11. Kait Around The Kingdom

    What an awesome hotel! Makes me want to go back on Vacay ASAP!

    13 . Sep . 2017
  12. Maegan Clark

    Oh I love the Montage! It’s such a great hotel to stay in!

    13 . Sep . 2017
  13. Jenny

    Wow, this hotel looks amazing! Need to stay here haha.

    13 . Sep . 2017
  14. Bella B (xoxoBella)

    Look how huge that room is! The sofa is adorable. It is great to find a hotel in a nice central location. It is always preferable to walk as many places as you can.

    13 . Sep . 2017
  15. Nicole

    That looks so surreal! I feel like one of the characters from Gossip Girl or 90210 would have stayed there at some point. I would LOVE to stay there…my bank account would not. I’m jealous and so glad you had a great time.

    13 . Sep . 2017
  16. Charlotte

    OMG!! That’s incredible! Sounds as though you had a great time (and how cool that you bumped into Jennifer Hudson in the elevator!). I’m sorry you missed the Biebs–but sounds like a good reason for a return trip. What a work perk it is to stay in a place like this!!

    Great recap 🙂

    13 . Sep . 2017
  17. Ashley

    This sounds like such a fun hotel stay!

    13 . Sep . 2017
  18. Southern & Style

    Yup, I could definitely force myself to stay here 😉 It seriously looks like you had the best time!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

    13 . Sep . 2017
  19. Lauren

    Whoa, what a luxurious hotel! I am so jealous you got to interview Mandy Moore!

    13 . Sep . 2017
  20. Crystal // Dreams, etc.

    That hotel looks AMAZING! Sounds like you had a fantastic time, too!

    14 . Sep . 2017
  21. Alicia

    That hotel looks beautiful and it sounds like y’all had a great time! I will definitely check it out if I am ever in the area.

    14 . Sep . 2017
  22. nicholle demag

    Wow! Such a beautiful hotel! I’m jealous!

    14 . Sep . 2017
  23. Nicole

    That room is GORGEOUS!!

    15 . Sep . 2017
  24. Kristen

    I am so jealous, that looked like it was sooo much fun! And I’m so jealous that you got to see Jennifer Hudson in the elevator!

    Kristen | http://www.sophisticatedgal.com

    17 . Sep . 2017

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