Why You Should Wear More Black


My friends often make fun of my because I only wear black. When I make choices while shopping, I always go for the black option. Not because i’m depressed, Gothic, or punk but because I love it! It used to be that black was the color of mourning. You only wore black while you were grieving. Luckily, wearing black is no longer just to respect the dead, and it’s perfectly acceptable to wear it at any time.

So, why should you start wearing more black?

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Radiates Confidence

Wearing black essentially makes you feel and look like a bad ass. No really, a study called The Perception of Colour has CONFIRMED that wearing black makes you appear more attractive, intelligent, and confident! Black is often associated strength, power, sophistication, and authority.

Your clothes can definitely impact your relationships. People often judge their first impressions on what you look like… including what you wear.  You should add more black to your wardrobe if you’re looking to be taken more seriously and get shit done! 

Conceals stains

I am a terribly clumsy person and tend to drop food all over my outfit whenever I eat. White shirts barely last a day in my care. Black clothes are GREAT for hiding your child-like tendencies! On Taco Tuesdays, you can’t even tell I’m basically wearing half my meal on my shirt out of the restaurant! Black clothes are almost impossible to stain. Be as messy and wild as you want.

Additionally, no sweat stains! Unlike grey or white, there won’t be any evidence of physical labor under your pits.  Your friends and co-workers may think you’re a vampire though. (Remember, wearing black doesn’t substitute deodorant though.)

Easy to wash

I used to hate laundry day! Fret no longer, friends. All the sorting and instructions tortured me too but with black clothes, you can just toss them all into the machine! No more white socks coming out light pink. However, there are some steps you should take to prevent fading…

*WASHING TIPS* You should use a cold water setting and specialized laundry detergent to keep your darks looking fresh. 

Matches everything

Another great thing about black is that it matches pretty much anything else you wear! With black clothes, your outfit will easily flow. You can mix various textures and fabrics while still looking put together! I especially love this when getting ready for work in the morning.

Since most of my wardrobe is black, it takes less time for me to put an outfit together! After learning that successful people have found benefits in wearing the same thing everyday, I wanted to test out the Science of Simplicity and I love it! By wearing black all the time, I never have to worry about matching. I know I look good!

Super Versatile

Like I said before, black is such a versatile color that can go with anything and everything! Buying key pieces in black turns your closet into a capsule wardrobe. Black clothes are perfect for every occasion and season.

That way you no longer have to switch your closet from “Winter clothes” to “Summer clothes”. Did you know that wearing black it actually good when it’s hot out? Black clothing absorbs the sun keeping us cooler. (And looking cool.)


From fair skin tones to dark skin tones, black looks great on almost everyone. The great thing about black clothes is that it compliments every complexion and brings out everyone’s best features. Black is great for summer when you’re your tannest and for winter when you’re your palest. What can be better than that?

Black has long been lauded for its ability to flatter women’s figures and suit every occasion. Additionally, I think black clothing makes you look older! I often get mistaken for a sixteen year old but when I wear it black, it adds a couple years!

Easily Layered

Girlfriend, grab that black leather jacket because another great thing about black is how easily it can be layered! Throw on a black scarf, a black pea coat, and a black hat and you’ll still look great! Layering black on black is effortlessly cool and chic.


PPG recently announced that black is the new “color of the year” for 2018. And while they may mean for paint colors, I give black my vote as the “color of the year” for clothing as well! This year, you should be adding more black to your wardrobe. If you’re not convinced yet, tune into any award show and gavel at how stunning the celebs look in their all black attire!

Almost every woman has that perfect black dress in her closet, why not the perfect black jeans or the perfect black skirt too?

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